Rolls Royce and Boom Supersonic Are Looking to Create the World’s Fastest Commercial Plane

Boom Supersonic is enlisting Rolls Royce to create the perfect propulsion system for their supersonic Overture's airframe.
Donovan Alexander

A match made in heaven, or at the very least the skies. Just this past week, Boom Supersonic announced that it would be partnering with propulsion experts, Rolls- Royce, to develop Boom’s flagship supersonic passenger aircraft dubbed the Overture.


Boom Supersonic hopes to use their sleekly designed supersonic flagship to usher in a new age, or new standard, in commercial flight. This new partnership will help the aeronautics company do just that, and the industry is taking notice. 

The world’s fastest civilian aircraft is on the right course

Rolls Royce and Boom Supersonic Are Looking to Create the World’s Fastest Commercial Plane
Source: Boom Supersonic 

Back in early 2016, Boom announced its ambitious plans for supersonic commercial travel for those of us who are willing to pay business class prices. Also announced that year, the Boom team unveiled its XB-1 Demonstrator, the bedrock from which the Overture plane was created; a supersonic plane that boasts some impressive cruising speeds of about Mach 2.2 or 1,451 mph

The XB-1 is a crucial stepping stone for what is to come with their flagship the Overture. However, the team employed some help to bring their vision into fruition fully. 

What’s the goal of this partnership? Boom hopes that both parties can work together to identify the propulsion system that would “complement Boom’s Overture airframe.” Teams for both companies aim to evaluate various aspects of a potential propulsion system and investigate whether or not existing engineer architecture can be adapted to the airframe and supersonic flight

“We’ve had a series of valuable collaborations and co-locations with Rolls-Royce over the past years to lay the groundwork for this next phase of development,” said Boom founder and CEO Blake Scholl, in a press release. 

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“We look forward to building on the progress and rapport that we’ve already built with our collaboration as we work to refine Overture’s design and bring sustainable supersonic transport to passenger travel.”

Travel from Tokyo to Seattle in 4.5 hours

Rolls Royce and Boom Supersonic Are Looking to Create the World’s Fastest Commercial Plane
Source: Boom Supersonic 

30 Overture aircraft have already been preordered from companies like Virgin Group and Japan Airlines. Supersonic flight has been around for over 50 years but has struggled to gain traction in the commercial sector. Boom is combining materials and technologies proven on other passenger planes to create a viable supersonic commercial plane. 

The all-business-class plane would be able to get you from Paris to Montreal in 3 hours and 45 minutes compared to 7 hours and 15 minutes on traditional flights. However, to reach these times, both Rolls Royce and Boom Supersonic look to find the most sustainable path possible.  

Both parties are excited to see this partnership come to light, as this collaboration does have the power to change commercial travel for the better.

As stated in the Boom Supersonic press release, “We share a strong interest in supersonic flight and in sustainability strategies for aviation with Boom,” said Simon Carlisle, Director of Strategy, Rolls-Royce. “We’re now building on our valuable experience in this space as well as our previous work together to further match and refine our engine technology for Boom’s Overture.”