Russian Off-Road Motorbike can Navigate Any Terrain

Trevor English
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offroad motorbike[Image Source: Moto 2x2]

Fat-wheeled motorcycles have been around for some time now, but this Russian off-road motorbike is taking things to the next level. The motorcycle is 2-wheel drive giving it plenty of power to navigate virtually any terrain. Each wheel is 12 inches wide and 24 inches in diameter with all-terrain treads. A Honda GX 210 210 cc motorcycle engine powers the beast up to speeds of 35 km/hr, although you probably don't want to go that fast over most obstacles.

nice dirt bike[Image Source: Moto 2x2]

To go along with the rugged features that are meant to be taken on an adventure, the bike can be completely disassembled in minutes. This allows users to pack up the bike in the back of a truck and take it to the next off-roading location. Called the Tarus, it is available on the MOTO 2x2 website here. Right now, the bikes are only available by contact, and the company is set to start shipping at the end of 2016. Also, you will have to purchase the vehicle in Russia, as this is the only country they are available in. If you want to see how the bike handles, you can check out the video below.

off roading dirt bike[Image Source: Moto 2x2]

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