This RV can speed up to a whooping 122 mph

Thanks to its 700 horsepower ram jet 502 engine.
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MoHo by Vehicle Effects
MoHo by Vehicle Effects

Vehicle Effects/Facebook 

This 1977 GMC motorhome has a record-breaking 700 horsepower (hp) engine that can travel at 122 miles per hour (mph), which is quick for a Class A motorhome.

Initially, this speed demon was a 1977 GMC Kingsley Motorhome. Its owner, Britt Palmer, decided that he wanted to break the land speed record established in 2006 by another GMC Motorhome and achieve it while bringing attention to the neurological condition Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. It was necessary to surpass 102.7 mph.

Consequently, as The Autopian notes, the GMC was taken to Dennis McCarthy, a custom car maker who created many of your favorite vehicles from the Fast & Furious series to prepare it for the salt flats.

The motorhome was fully gutted by McCarthy and his crew from Vehicle Effects. The inside was stripped of every cupboard, appliance, and faux-wood decoration and covered with aluminum sheeting. Fire suppression, a 360-degree video camera mirror system, and a 20-gallon fuel cell were added.

Palmer received a modernized race cockpit, complete with a Kirkey racing seat and RacePak IQ3 Dash. Moreover, a full front-to-back chromoly roll cage was constructed to protect the occupants in the case of a collision because the RV was designed for galloping at high speeds.

A TH425 automatic transmission is mated to a 700-horsepower Chevy Ram Jet 502 powerplant that powers the beast. A 125-wet shot of nitrous boosts the motor's power, and its final gear ratio of 3.07 is geared for maximum speed.

Palmer and McCarthy decided to modernize some additional components in addition to the interior and engine. Modern disc brakes were installed on all six wheels, and a Ridetech Air Ride System was installed in place of the sagging stock suspension. There are only so many ways you can shape a cinderblock to cut through the air more readily. The outside also underwent some aerodynamic modifications to aid it through the air.

Overall, the changes were sufficient to break the Class A motorhome's previous land speed record. The 1977 GMC was able to reach 122 mph, breaking the previous record of 102.7 mph. Still, it could not outpace several of the smaller, more contemporary RVs, including the one currently holding the record at 141 mph.

Then again, you might be the person who breaks the record after all. Palmer has listed the RV for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $95,000, stipulating that the new owner may utilize it however they see fit. Maybe a food truck, a party bus, or a car for the race crew? Or perhaps you could increase its speed just a little bit and set a new world record for the quickest motorhome.

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