Salamander amphibious car could keep residents of Philippines mobile in floods

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The Philippines may be a beautiful part of the world but it is prone to suffering from flooding in certain regions and small villages. However, to make sure that residents are kept mobile in floods a start-up company by the name of H20 Technologies have come up with a vehicle named Salamander. The three wheeled vehicle can be taken out on the roads and driven as any normal car but it can also be taken into water in the case of a flood.


[Image Source: H20 Technologies]

H20 Technologies are offering the Salamander in two versions; one a gas/hydrogen version and the other fully electric. The version that runs on gas is the HydrOPlus and this comes with a 200cc engine. If hydrogen is available, thanks to the fuel blending, it can run on both hydrogen and gas allowing it to have lower emissions and better mileage.


[Image Source: H20 Technologies]

The electric version is driven by a 48 volt motor of 3,000w and this is powered by four 90-Ah batteries. At the moment it hasn’t been revealed how long it takes to charge or the mileage that you get from the gas version.


[Image Source: H20 Technologies]

With the HydrOPlus version the maximum speed is 80km/h and both of the offerings can reach 6 knots when on the water. Both are capable of carrying up to six people when driving on the road and four when the vehicle takes to the water.


[Image Source: H20 Technologies]

The hull is double layered and made from high-density polyethylene and has compartments to help the vehicle remain afloat and stabilize if damaged. The vehicle moves through water via a marine-grade propeller mounted on the rear, run by the motor that the wheels use when driving on the road. To switch between the two modes the driver can simply pull a switch.


[Image Source: H20 Technologies]

At the moment H20 are planning on selling the Salamander in villages prone to flooding, however, they will sell it worldwide eventually. The Salamander is on Kickstarter at the moment and there is an estimated price range of US$6,614 to $11,098.


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