Savannah is the first hybrid superyacht in the world

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Feadship are well known for designing some of the very best superyachts in the world and they have just launched what they claim to be the first hybrid superyacht in the world. The Savannah was the centrepiece of an extravagant launch ceremony which had a James Bond theme to it. The superyacht has a power plant that is unique and it is also the first vessel to be painted in metallic paint entirely, apart from the mast domes.


[Image Source: Feedship]

The Savannah is 83.5 meters in length and offers a crew to guest ratio that is very generous. There is plenty of room for the owners along with up to 10 guests and around 22 to 26 crew members. The hull is streamlined with the superstructure being comprised of composite panels, glass, aluminium supports, teak wood and polished stainless steel.


[Image Source: Feedship]

The main deck along with the aft owner's area has been enclosed in a space that is sealed with sliding doors that are watertight. The metallic green colour scheme on the exterior is called Sea Foam and this took many weeks of work and special mixing machines had to be used to supply the electrically charged spray nozzle. The painting took place in a special climate controlled tent so that the metallic flakes would lay properly and evenly.


[Image Source: Feedship]

The Savannah is classed as a superyacht that offers eco-friendly, electro-mechanical propulsion. The craft has the Wärtsilä 9L20 4-stroke engine that pumps 1.800 kW into three Caterpillar generators which charge the lithium-ion batteries. The captain of the Savannah, Ted McCumber, said "The possibility to choose between diesel, diesel-electric or fully electric is truly exceptional."

Feadship installed an arrangement that has never been installed before on a superyacht; a single central propeller nacelle along with in-line azimuth thrusters, meaning that there is no need for a rudder as the propellors can rotate in the horizontal plane.


[Image Source: Feedship]

This arrangement gives the superyacht 30% fuel economy along with cruising that is quieter when travelling at low speeds when running on battery, and more speed flat out whilst also putting less demand on the engine.


[Image Source: Feedship]

While the details about the interior of the Savannah have been kept quiet, we have been told that the superyacht features an underwater lounge; this allows guests to watch the sea life through glass ports, which are also featured in the on-board swimming pool too. The Savannah is going to be made available for the occasional charter.

feadship-savannah-3[Image Source: Feedship]

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