School's Never Out With This Heavy-Duty All-Terrain Bus

School buses will be ready for the apocalypse.
Utku Kucukduner
The photo credit line may appear like thisTorsus

Usually, kids are not the biggest fans of school, and now, a company called Torsus has made things a bit more unfavorable on kids' part.

In their latest release in the 4x4 drive off-road bus series, Torsus unveiled a bus that can likely do its job regardless of the weather and terrain. Sorry children, neither the fallen tree nor the crystallizing blizzard can keep you home now... Although it could be a not-so-good idea to take the children away from their families during a blizzard that can knock a tree down.

And besides, let's be honest here, that kind of weather would either cause a power outage or a strike among teachers having to make it to the school.

School's Never Out With This Heavy-Duty All-Terrain Bus
Source: Torsus


The coolest school bus in the world?

The school bus is a modification on the base Praetorian model, and the mechanical package remains unchanged.

It has more than 13 inches (33 cm) ground clearance, is able to waddle through 35 inches of water (89 cm). It sports a set of bumpy Michelin tires. Its diesel-gobbling 6.9-liter engine can output 290 HP with almost 850 lb-ft torque (1,150 Nm).

Its top speed is a middling 62 mph (100 km/h) but who needs that much speed while driving through the mud anyway? Plus, let's not get sidetracked here since this vehicle will be actually carrying a bunch of kids around.

School's Never Out With This Heavy-Duty All-Terrain Bus
Source: Torsus

Torsus Praetor school bus comes equipped with seating for 35 children — plus there's two for the driver and a front seat, so, a total of 37. The seats are coated with a protective polymer and they are some STEM-related printings on the seats too.

School's Never Out With This Heavy-Duty All-Terrain Bus
Source: Torsus

The company is yet to put a price tag on the bus for now but existing Praetorian models start from about $180,700 (€153,000).

Still, it's hard to guess how much it is going to cost since there are a lot of Praetorians tailored for different solutions. There's even a Praetor Anti-Riot Bus starting from $376,100 (€318,000), and that's not even the most expensive one on the list.


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