Scottish manufacturer Munro reveals all-electric 4X4 pickup truck with a rugged look

Munro MK-01 Pick-Up offers off-road ability and practicality to consumers engaged in ultra-challenging environments.
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Munro's MK_1 Pickup
Munro's MK_1 Pickup


Fancy an all-electric pickup truck that can rival the likes of the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger? Scottish-based EV startup Munro Vehicles might may the suitable model for you, christened MK_1 Pick-Up. 

The flatbed truck is based on its MK-1, the firm's recently launched 371 bhp versatile all-electric truck that is offered with off-road hardware like permanent four-wheel drive with locking differentials.

The retail price for the MK_1 Pick-Up will start from $61,962 (£49,995) with deliveries scheduled to begin towards the end of the year. 

Scottish manufacturer Munro reveals all-electric 4X4 pickup truck with a rugged look
Side profile of MK_1 Pickup

According to Munro, the pick-up promises off-road ability and practicality and targets customers operating in ultra-challenging environments in sectors like mining, construction, utilities, agriculture and defense, and will help companies meet decarbonization targets.. 

The Glasgow-based company was founded in 2019 by Russell Peterson and Ross Anderson with the aim of providing sustainable solutions when it came to off-roading and adventure travel.

Munro is also the "first light vehicle to enter production in Scotland in more than four decades."

A powerful and capable 4X4 offering

In its Performance variant, the pickup truck features an electric motor that puts out 375 hp (280kw)of power and 700 nm of torque. The motor is capable enough to propel the truck from a standstill to 60mph in just 4.9 seconds. The carmaker also offers a 220KW electric motor and a choice of Utility and Range variants.

Scottish manufacturer Munro reveals all-electric 4X4 pickup truck with a rugged look
Rear of the Munro MK_01 Pickup

Powering the vehicle is an 82.4kWh battery pack, which can be charged from 15 to 80% using a 100kW DC charger in just 36 minutes. A fully-charged MK_1 Pick-Up offers a range of more than 190 miles (305 km), with the firm claiming that it can "operate off-road for up to 16 hours on a single battery charge."

The flatbed at the rear of the Munro MK_1 Pick-Up offers a 2314 lbs (1050kg) payload capacity, while its Performance model offers 7717 lbs (3,500kg) "maximum braked towing capacity for effortless haulage of any cargo from farm implements and livestock to construction and disaster relief equipment." The vehicle carries forward MK_1's full-time 4x4 mechanical drivetrain with a two-speed central transfer case with a locking differential that enables it to perform in all weather and all terrain.

Growing demand for all-electric offerings

Munro reports that it has already received more than 200 bookings for the MK_1 Pick-up, with three of the orders from FTSE 100 companies and ten from FTSE 250 companies. “With a full two-year order book for both the MK_1 Pick-Up and the MK_1 Truck, Munro is having to expedite its search for larger premises to meet customer demand," said Russell Peterson, Munro CEO and-Founder, in a press release.

The firm, with its large order book, believes that they are addressing a huge demand for such sustainable solutions, especially in critical sectors that require vehicles with go-anywhere abilities and for people who are interested in camping and adventures.

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