You can now get a secondhand HondaJet directly from Honda Aircraft

Honda Aircraft has just announced its first-ever certified pre-owned program for its existing fleet of excellent private jets.
Christopher McFadden
A HondaJet Elite.


Honda has announced a new certified pre-owned program (CPO) for its HondaJet aircraft. The CPO will consist of meticulous processes such as discerning selection, rigorous inspection, and expert maintenance to ensure that each aircraft meets Honda's high standards for quality, safety, and performance, according to a press release.

Once an aircraft passes the CPO designation, it will become eligible for a range of services supporting the entire fleet.

Used aircraft must pass a rigorous check

Under the CPO, Honda Aircraft Company and its authorized sales network will provide end-to-end services for the program, ensuring ease of entry into service and post-sales support. It seems, according to Flying Magazine, Honda's new CPO business is a way to continue its support towards aircraft owners impacted by the recent shutdown of Jet It, a significant player in the fractional operation of HondaJets.

Honda has yet to address any potential links between the issues faced by Jet It and their CPO operation. However, Honda has stated that their new program provides comprehensive services. In the past, Honda provided Jet It customers with complimentary support, such as pilot services and parking for a maximum of 90 days at their Greensboro, North Carolina headquarters.

With Honda's earliest aircraft being in service for over seven years, it is wise for the company to turn its attention toward the used market. According to Honda, their global fleet of HondaJets has surpassed 230 aircraft with over 185,000 flight hours.

Two HondaJet models are available - the original and the Elite II. Both models use twin GE Honda HF/120 engines mounted on the company's unique perched-wing engine mount. The standard passenger capacity for both aircraft is five and two crew members, or six passengers and one crew member, in addition to the pilot (or pilots).

However, these numbers can be adjusted to accommodate a 6-to-2 or 7-to-1 passenger-to-crew ratio. However, if customers are interested in the HondaJet 2600 Concept, they must be patient - it won't be available for purchase in the CPO market for a few more years.

The CPO assessment consists of 208 checks

According to the company, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) airplanes must undergo a rigorous 208-point check by Honda-trained professionals at their authorized service centers. Additionally, qualifying planes will receive upgrades to achieve the highest performance level possible for their respective models based on relevant service bulletins.

“As demand for the HondaJet continues to rise, pre-owned aircraft have become an increasingly important entry point into the HondaJet community,” said Amod Kelkar, chief commercial officer of Honda Aircraft. “The CPO program extends our commitment to excellence to all aspects of the long-term ownership experience and ensures that all HondaJet owners, current and future, will have the best ownership experience and peace of mind, regardless of their position in the ownership journey,” he added.

Customers can conveniently browse certified and non-certified pre-owned HondaJet inventory on the company's website.

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