Skateboard plus bike equals Sbyke

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What do you get if you cross a skateboard and a bicycle? The answer was found recently at the London Toy Fair and it is been dubbed the Sbyke.


[Image Source: Sbyke UK]

The Sbyke dates back to 2011 and it has now been made available in the UK. The idea for it originally came from the Wilson brothers from the US and then Shaun Taylor, a UK business man on holiday in the US, came across it. He convinced the two brothers to let him distribute it in the UK.


[Image Source: Sbyke UK]

The Sbyke offers an upright forward facing riding position that a bike offers, complete with a large wheel at the front, while it has handlebars that you would see on a bike and to finish off the wooden board of a skateboard. While it may sound strange, once you have tried it out for yourself you will be hooked.


[Image Source: Sbyke UK]

The rear trucks have been attached to the desk via a cambered radial ball bearing system and this means that the skateboard can tilt 50 degrees to the left or right and this is how the Sbyke is steered. The rider simply has to lean to the left or right and they will turn that direction. This means that he Sbyke is able to perform tight swoops and carves as it is almost like reversing in a car.


[Image Source: Sbyke UK]

Two versions have been made available in the UK. The first is the P20 Sbyke with BMX wheels of 20 inches and this is suitable for children aged 8 and above. This model has a price tag of £159.95. Then there is the P16 Sbyke and this is for children aged four to seven years and comes with a price tag of £99.95. In the US there is also the P20 model but this hasn’t made its way to the UK yet, this version falls in between the other two and has a price tag in the US of $179.


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