Sol Motors to Launch Light Electric 50 to 80 km/h Motorbikes

The innovative two-wheeler urban commuter vehicles called Pocket Rockets weigh only 55 kg.
Mario L. Major

With the urban population around the globe set to hit record numbers in the next few decades, now more than ever industry leaders are searching for systems and products to develop which assist with optimizing a limited amount of space.


From a surge in popularity of urban farming initiatives to building dormitories which use reclaimed shipping containers, creative solutions are definitely being put forth.

Among these changes, urban mobility is taking center stage. A larger population means more strain on the existing public transportation system, so products for commuters that boast convenience, and sustainability have also been popping up in the last five years.

Ushering in a new era of mobility for commuters

One of the most impressive examples is the Pocket Rocket, a creation of Stuttgart-based Sol Motors. The commuter bike stands as a testament to the importance of smart, well-balanced engineering and design.

The company freely admits that their creation cannot be classified as an e-bike, or even a moped, referring to it as "the perfect urban commuter vehicle". It achieves a balance between elegance and practicality thanks to the team's choice of a lightweight aluminum frame meaning the two-wheeler weighs only 55 kg.  

Sol Motors to Launch Light Electric 50 to 80 km/h Motorbikes
Source: Sol Motors

To provide more options to customers, the company has two versions of the bike available: the Pocket Rocket S or L1e, which hits tops speeds of 50 km/h and runs on 6 hp, and the Pocket Rocket L3e, which hits maximum speeds of 80 km/h and runs on 8.5 hp. The L3e will be unveiled next week at the INTERMOT International Motorcycle Fair in Köln.

Sol Motors to Launch Light Electric 50 to 80 km/h Motorbikes
Source: Sol Motors

Beyond the striking design of the electric bike, here are some of its specs:

-->  A supporting app that is both iOS and Android compatible, in addition to the optional connectivity module that assists with managing a fleet of the bikes. 

-->  The 82 cm saddle height ensures a comfortable ride for commuters.

-->  A total of three dynamic driving modes: sport, eco, and wheelie.

-->  An efficient regenerative braking system for increased range,                                     combined with a hydraulic braking system.

-->  A max torque of 150 nm.

Setting a new industry standard

The proof of Sol Motor's success is the fact that the industry is also taking notice. This year alone, the company picked up the German Design Award as well as the European Product Design Award.

By the company's own admission, as shown in a statement from their website, they see the Pocket Rocket as a bike that will transform the commuter experience in urban spaces:

“The Pocket Rocket stands out due to the innovative synergy of lightweight design, performance and connectivity. The clear and contemporary design incorporates technology with a functional lifestyle for a modern riding experience. It’s not an e-bike: it’s too fast. It’s not a moped: it has no pedals. It’s a ‘noped’, defining a new category of electric two-wheelers. The Pocket Rocket is the perfect urban commuter vehicle.” 

These are all indications that we are on track in terms of responding to the increasing demands of urban transport, which will both transform the landscape of virtually every major city and the way we think about mobility and its potential in each of our lives. 

Via: Sol Motors

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