AQUON One: The solar-hydrogen yacht that redefines luxury with an unlimited range

A smart designer catamaran that redefines premium yachting.
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The AQUON One eco-catamaran, a solar-electric yacht powered by the sun and hydrogen fuel cells with opulent cabins for eight to 10 passengers and no emissions, has begun selling, according to European yacht broker MYSEA.

AQUON is a Zurich-based yacht manufacturer with an emphasis on sustainability that was established under Swiss Sustainable Yachts AG. According to the company, it combines Swiss engineering of the highest caliber with Spanish naval architecture know-how and Italian design to produce a new breed of connected, futuristic, and, most importantly, seaworthy yachts.

A new benchmark for eco-friendly luxury nautical vessels

The young company's ethos is established with its first zero-emission yacht, the solar hydrogen AQUON One. On the AQUON website, its design team provides the following description, “A smart designer catamaran that redefines premium yachting. It offers an independent lifestyle for sustainable luxury powered by green hydrogen and solar energy. The name AQUON symbolizes this state-of-the-art technology and references this powerful clean water luxury.”

The AQUON One's creators hope to establish a new benchmark for eco-friendly luxury nautical vessels with the first vehicle sales, and they might succeed. AQUON has incorporated hydrogen fuel cells for additional clean power and long-term energy storage, in contrast to many of the yachts we've previously examined that use solar panels to assist in powering electric motors.

The yacht has 64 square meters of photovoltaic solar panels installed on its roof, which assist in recharging lithium-ion batteries used for propulsion and onboard energy storage. Desalinated seawater is subsequently turned into hydrogen gas using extra solar energy. After being compressed to 300 pressure, the gas is kept aboard carbon tanks.

When energy is required to drive two electric motors and give passengers more power, fuel cells transform hydrogen into electricity. Pure water and thermal heat are the only emissions used to heat the cabins and supply hot water on board.

The end product is a fully emission-free hydrogen-powered electric yacht that can generate additional fuel from its terrain, perhaps providing an endless range (while cruising at four-six knots with sufficient sunlight). The AQUON One can continue to move at sea for up to three days without refueling. The yacht can travel at a top speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of eight knots (9.2 miles per hour) when it is not trying to preserve energy at sea (18.4 miles per hour).

So how much does a yacht of this size cost to build sustainably? According to MYSEA, the AQUON One sells for 7,400,000 euros (8.1 million dollars).

On the business website, you can learn more and take a virtual tour of the AQUON One. You'll also find a video that describes the forthcoming solar-electric hydrogen yacht.

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