This Cybertruck camper has endless features but costs a whopping $24,000

It makes you want to go camping.
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Space Campers' camper.Space Campers

A startup from California, Space Campers, has designed a wedge-style camper for Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla announced an electric truck, the Cybertruck, three years ago in 2019. The electric pickup truck was supposed to be available in 2021, but the carmaker delayed the production again and again. 

While there's no certainty to it, Cybertruck is expected to be manufactured next year. And many companies keep launching a variety of builds to go along with the truck. The Space Camper is one of them.

Space Campers' robust build uses aerospace-grade composites and manufacturing processes to put strength, precision, and durability first.

This Cybertruck camper has endless features but costs a whopping $24,000
Source: Space Campers

Space Camper turns Tesla's pickup bed into a micro-home and makes the vehicle look like almost a regular pickup. The camper runs on Tesla's battery pack and also taps into the onboard air compressor to pop its roof in seconds. All available electrical equipment, including the induction cooktop, fridge/freezer, water heater, interior and exterior lighting, and power outlets, will run off the truck's hefty battery pack, as Tesla aims to provide a range of up to 500 miles (805 km). So the battery pack of the Cybertruck will be more than enough.

A luxury camping experience

Space Campers' roof offers up to 8 feet (2.4 m) of standing space when the 50 x 80-in (127 x 203-cm) roof bed is lifted. 

Once erected, the Space Camper reveals built-in steps that allow for what seems to be easy access inside, where it has a detachable fold-down bed that can be turned into a sofa with an adjustable backrest and a small sink and storage spaces. 

The camper's interior is very flexible with the various additions that can be included. A modular ecosystem with add-ons like a kitchen, outdoor bathroom, and solar-tripling rooftop charging system promises multifunctional performance.

The camper has illumination, four electrical outlets, as well as USB charging, an adjustable awning, and even a keyless entry for the rear hatch. The camper comes with a built-in exhaust vent to keep the interior pleasant when cooking.

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This Cybertruck camper has endless features but costs a whopping $24,000
Source: Space Campers

Space Campers also offers solar panels on the roof that can be integrated into a custom roof rack, an additional tent thermal insulation kit, custom sheets, electric blanket, thermal padded flooring, and even a built-in movie projector.

On the outside, a shower enclosure would deploy from a rack-mounted case and provide privacy for the hot/cold shower and portable toilet.

The estimated base weight of the camper will be 470 lb (213 kg), but it is ultimately waiting on final Cybertruck specs to finalize its design and spec sheet.

Space Campers' base price is $24,000, and reservations are available now at various refundable deposit levels between $100 and $10,000, each with its own production priority tier and perks. But the add-ons like the kitchen and bathroom will be specced and priced closer to launch.

We are primarily used to going camping to be closer to nature, but campers such as Space Campers offer such luxuries that will bring our modern age comforts to camping; we wonder if camping will be the same in the days to come.

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