The Stealth B-52 Bomber Electric Bike is pretty badass

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So, electric bikes don't really have a reputation for speed or aggression but the B-52 Bomber electric bike from the UK’s Stealth Electric Bikes looks set to change that. This thing looks like it's come straight out of Wayne Enterprises research and development department (and as you can clearly see, it does come in black).

6883667160_0d1734e76b_k-5-1024x682[Image Source: Stealth]

Unfortunately, Bruce Wayne never did complete the task of supplying Gotham with free, sustainable, clean energy, but the Bomber might have been a good place to start. The 5.2 kW motor can have you flying through the streets at up to 50 mph. It also features pedals that allow the rider to give the engine a boost when more power is needed. According to the company, pedal power is transmitted via its unique nine-speed sequential gearbox, with stopping taken care of by progressive six- or eight-pot hydraulic disc brakes.

The high-rate lithium cells are guaranteed for 1200 charges – enough juice to power the bike over 60,000 miles. The time for a full charge is about 2 hours via a 240v household outlet and if you didn't do the math, a full charge can provide unassisted power for up to 50 miles.


[Image Source: Stealth]

Regenerative braking prolongs the life of the brake pads and allows greater range by converting braking energy into electrical energy fed back into the battery pack.

Batman was hardly stealthy about his vehicle activities, often leaving behind a trail of destruction from one of his enormous, powerful (assumingly) gas guzzling machines. The Bomber however is completely silent and the stealth aspect still seems fitting for the Dark Knight. The design certainly looks reminiscent of something out of the Nolan trilogy and I wouldn't mind taking to the streets on one of these.


[Image Source: Stealth]

The law in Britain places a limit of 15.5 mph maximum assisted speed and 250 watts maximum power output on electric that allows them to be treated as conventional, non-electric cycle – that is, no requirement for a licence, helmet or cycle insurance. However, it does bypass the need to be registered as a moped by being classified as an off-road vehicle.

Unfortunately though it's not the law that's likely to hinder the success of the Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike, it's more the price. For the standard set up you're looking at a starting price of $10,000 (£6550) and that's without getting into the extra additions and options. But there's no denying that this is one badass bike.

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