Students achieve 2,098mpg in the Supermileage competition

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A team of students from Canada has managed to achieve 2,098mpg fuel efficiency in a car that they built. Students from the Universite Laval in Quebec designed the vehicle for competition in the 36th SAE Supermileage competition and this happens to be their 2nd consecutive win.


[Image Source: SAE]

It is more than just two wins the University of Laval has achieved. In fact they have actually won five times over eight years. The Alerion mileage team of the university managed to achieve even higher figures for fuel efficiency, in 2010 they achieved 2,488mpg and in 2009 they managed 2,757mpg. Of course these figures are well off the most fuel efficient vehicle, the PAC-Car II from ETH Zurich, which is powered by hydrogen. This managed to reach an impressive 12,666mpg back in 2005.


[Image Source: SAE]

This could not take part in the SAE Supermileage competition due to the fact that to take part they have to run on the same iso-octane fuel. The event is held in Michigan in the USA, with the winner being the vehicle offering the highest fuel efficiency over the course, with a span of 9.6 miles. The teams taking part in the event are also awarded based on the design of the car. All vehicles have to be single cylinder, have a four-cycle engine and be single person.


[Image Source: SAE]

The students used the shell of the vehicle from last year and this allowed them to put their focus on areas that needed refining, such as the fuel line, clutch and the electronics. The driver from last year took a walk around the track along with the driver for this year, to give him tips.

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[Image Source: SAE]

The University of Laval has been awarded a total of US$1,500 and is going to have recognition at the SAE 2015 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress, which is going to be held in October this year.

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