Subaru's Newest Forester Edition's Rude Name Has the Internet in Stitches

Showcased at the Singapore Motor Show, it's hard to tell if the Subaru's acronym was intentional.
Fabienne Lang
Subaru's Forester Ultimate Customized Kit SpecialBruce Kelt/imgur

Subaru showcased a number of shiny new cars at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show, however, one stood out more than others. Subaru's newest edition of the Forester didn't stand out necessarily for its actual vehicular benefits, rather, it caught people's attention for its rather hysterical acronym. 

Called the Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition, the car was hard to miss in its blazing blue paint job with swooshing red lines. 

Stop for a moment to read each capital letter of the edition's read that right, another hard to miss aspect of this F***S Subaru!


Is Subaru aware of this comical acronym?

It's hard to tell. A Subaru America spokesperson told Business Insider that the company had no information about the Forester edition, nor the origins of the acronym as the car came from an "independent distributor".

In terms of the car itself, Top Gear Philippines pointed out that it's a pretty generic show car as it stands but is still a strong version of the Subaru Forester. The acronym may be the part that most stands out about the Subaru F***S edition, but it also has some interesting additions.

It has 20-inch Enkei wheels over yellow brake callipers and sits closer to the ground. The interior of the car has a classy dark theme with red stitching, and the seats are covered in suede and leather. The blue exterior coloring is brought into the interior of the car with blue-hued lighting as the footwell lighting. 

The audio system of the Forester is impressive with subwoofer and Focal amplifiers in the trunk. The backseats have LCD screens for the rear passengers.

Perhaps unfortunately for Subaru, even with all these nice touches it's hard to get past the F***S name. Below are some of the online reactions to the car's name.

Some can't quite believe it's true:

Others aren't so surprised about Subaru's choice:

Emissions are being brought into the equation: 

Bad marketing is still good marketing rings true here: 


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