Super Enduro with two wheel drive helps Revit to break boundaries

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The aim of Revit is to develop motorcycle gear that can take people can take as far as they want to travel. They have been promoting their spring and summer 2015 collection over in the US and they have been focusing on an all-wheel drive custom build which is based on the KTM 950 Super Enduro.


[Image Source: Revit]

In October of last year Project Double Dare was initiated after the Super Enduro arrived at the custom shop of Chris Cosentino in New York. A team was put together including Gerbrandt Aarts, Scott Kolb, Tommy Liggett and Gregor Halenda. The result of their efforts is the Revit #95 which was built to pay tribute to the year in which the company had been founded.


[Image Source: Revit]

The Revit #95 was designed to highlight the core values of the company and it warranted much more than just aesthetic customisation. The same application would go on to be put to good use when it came to the transformation of the Super Enduro when turning it into an adventure bike with no boundaries.


[Image Source: Revit]

The All-wheel drive system of Christini was chosen and while it is available commercially for the Honda and KTM 450 Enduro bikes, this time around a lot of hard work making modifications to the frame was needed so as to make sure there was enough room for the whole kit, which was located behind the side tubes.


[Image Source: Revit]

Another extra feature is the lever on the handlebars which allows the rider to activate the AWD system when they want. On activation it means that the front wheel freewheels until the back has lost around 80% traction. A one way clutch in the hub of the front wheel disengages and this ensures transfer of motion on the front wheel until the back wheel finds a grip.


[Image Source: Revit]

The new Super Enduro comes with a brand new set of wheels. These are a 19 inch wheel at the front and a 17 inch at the back, both comes with Continental TKC80 knobbies.

Another highlight is the aluminium gas tank, which was hand-made, along with the stock Keihin THB 46 mm carburettors being replaced for FCR flatsides 41mm along with custom made velocity stacks. A brand new pair of exhausts was also designed for the bike.


[Image Source: Revit]

The elbow pads also underwent a transformation and have Seeflex limb protectors which won the Best of the Best 2015 design award from Red Dot. The designers also did away with the regular instruments of the bike and in their place put an iPhone which comes with GPS and whatever apps the rider of the bike needs.


[Image Source: Revit]

The custom bike was completed in April and sent to the GS Giants event so they could be included in the Revit collection for spring and summer 2015. It then went back to the shop for a final tune up before heading out on a promotional tour of the US.


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