For $25 million, you can now have a yacht that can dive underwater for up to four days

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Nautilus - the submersible yacht
Nautilus - the submersible yacht


Dutch yacht builder U-Boat Worx has unveiled the design of its $25 million superyacht, Nautilus, that can help you counter seasickness by simply diving underwater, a company press release said.

More than 150 years ago, Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea first brought to our attention the possibility of a luxury yacht that could take an underwater dip at will. Over the years, the concept has been admired and looked up to by many engineers but building a real-world prototype has so far still been a dream.

Now, U-Boat Worx's engineering efforts have borne fruit, and those willing to shell out a few million for a luxury yacht have a new question to answer. Do they want underwater diving capabilities?

What do we know about Nautilus?

The Nautilus is a 123-foot (37.5 m) yacht submarine that offers the upper deck luxuries of a yacht with the security of a submarine under its deck. To give an idea of how luxurious the upper deck can be, U-Boat Worx has put a freshwater pool, a bar, and a large dining table for the sailors to enjoy their warm, pleasant weather.

For $25 million, you can now have a yacht that can dive underwater for up to four days
Side view of the Nautilus

The entire arrangement is fully retractable as the yacht switches to its submersible mode. U-Boat Worx has also designed a completely pressure-resistant electric tender that stays outside while the yacht takes the dive option. The press release added that the tender can also transport scuba divers to their intended dive spot.

Inside the super yacht, there is also a nearly 540 square feet (50 sq. m) diner and lounge area with four large circular windows. The submersible part of the yacht can provide space for a master bedroom and four staterooms, and sleeping quarters for up to six crew members. The galley can even be equipped to cook food underwater.

How fast can it go?

The Nautilus sounds like a fun yacht to own, something that even Jeff Bezos would probably want to get his hands on, while his 417-foot superyacht is still being assembled at different shipyards. So, the real question beyond its capabilities is how fast it can go.

For $25 million, you can now have a yacht that can dive underwater for up to four days
Top view of the Nautilus

A diesel-electric engine and cruises power the Nautilus at a top speed of nine knots (10 mph) on the surface. When underwater, the submersible's speed is four knots ( 4.6 miles an hour). Interestingly, the yacht can stay underwater for up to four days, allowing for more adventure on your trip. The depth rating of the yacht is over 650 feet (200 m).

U-Boat Worx is also open to customizing the interiors as per the needs of the customers and all orders are expected to be delivered within 30 months. So, if you are looking for a straight-out science fiction submersible yacht, you now know a vendor who makes dreams a reality.

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