This luxury concept superyacht has two tilting masts to sail under bridges

It comes with a retractable beach club and a garage to hold a seaplane.
Ayesha Gulzar
Epiphany sailing under bridge with tilted masts

The Goliath Series 

California-based designer Steve Kozloff unveiled a new concept known as Epiphany, a 178-foot trimaran equipped with a retractable beach club and tilting mast to sail under bridges. The superyacht is a new addition to Kozloff’s Goliath series that are designed around Chantiers de L’Atlantique Solid Sail and the AeolDrive sail and mast system.

The tri-hull vessel features two free-standing masts that can tilt 70 degrees forward to reduce the air draft from 145.5 feet to 92 feet, enabling the Epiphany to sail under most bridges. The yacht now can have direct access to the Panama Canal, San Francisco, San Diego, and many more notable harbors.

Inside the incredible superyacht

Spread across three decks, Epiphany's interior is characterized by large windows that offer sweeping views. It features a 700 ft-square owner’s suite located in the bow of the center hull and two master suites in the cross beam. The yacht can host twelve guests in full luxury and has cabin space for eight crew members.

The upper deck has a piano and entertainment area, where floor-to-ceiling windows provide a panoramic view of the surrounding seascape. The bar is elevated two steps up from the piano, providing unique and inviting spaces. The icing on the top is its retractable beach club at the stern that unfolds across all hulls to create a 1,500-square-foot waterside playground.

This luxury concept superyacht has two tilting masts to sail under bridges

Another highlight is its full-beam garage that can handle a tender, an A5 Icon seaplane, and a Nemo U-Boat Worx submarine with dedicated launching systems and other water toys. There is also a telescoping crane system integrated into the boom of each mast that can get everything into the water. The yacht also is equipped with four self-inflating lifeboats that can be deployed in the worst conditions from dedicated deployment pockets at the stern.

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The futuristic seacraft has other advantages

Kozloff claims that Epiphany’s Solid Sail system has many advantages over a traditional rig. When raising or lowering the sails, the boat can be pointed in any direction. Each mast can also rotate a full 360 degrees to maximize wind power. On top of that, the sails can be automatically set or dropped in a snap.

The rig is free of pesky yards and shrouds, making voyages into icing conditions much more practical and safer. Plus, it has integrated load-sensing technology that tells the captain how much to drive. Kozloff says it’s cheaper than other free-standing sail rig systems.

The luxury yacht can cruise at 10kts (11.5 mph / 18.5 kph) for 4800 nautical miles under diesel power. However, Kozloff claims that its range can be significantly extended with careful management of her hybrid diesel-electric systems and sail power. Under sail power only, she can reach 8kt (9.2 mph / 14.8 kph)

According to Kozloff, the handrails would be heated for comfortable passage through cold regions. A de-icing system could also be applied to the masts, and heated indoors would make the journey a memorable experience.

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