Take your commute to new heights under 100k with Jetson's eVTOL

The first affordable eVTOL that does not need a pilot's license on the market.
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Jetson One eVTOL
Jetson One eVTOL


The future is here! Jetson, a Swedish company, has just released its first flying car, the Jetson One, for sale at $98,000, with a down payment of $8,000. 

The company's mission is "to make the skies available for everyone with our safe personal electric aerial vehicle," and this futuristic vehicle does just that.

The Jetson One is a paradigm-shifting electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle. While the company doesn't specify the maximum altitude the vehicle can reach, it has a top speed of 63 mph and a range of roughly 20 minutes or 20 miles. The cockpit features two joysticks, one to control the vehicle's altitude and the other to control its direction, which can be learned to fly in just minutes with the help of the flight computer.

The vehicle is fully electric and features a battery tucked underneath the pilot's bucket seat, made from carbon fiber and Kevlar. Safety was a top priority when designing the Jetson One. The chassis was inspired by the same technology used in race cars, and the vehicle has enough motors to stay in flight even if one motor fails.

Additionally, GPS on the top and lidar on the bottom power an automatic-landing feature, and there's even a ballistic parachute in the back to "save you in the worst-case scenario from 20 meters," says Tomasz Patan, Jetson's co-founder and head of innovation.

The Jetson One was designed to meet FAA requirements for an ultralight vehicle, meaning it could be flown without a pilot's license in the US. While its 20-minute flight time is limited, the Jetson One's main purpose is to have a good time and taste what flying is like.

Jetson's CEO, Stéphan D’haene, says, "Together, we will push the boundaries of what is possible in the eVTOL industry and deliver game-changing solutions that will have a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole." The Jetson One is just the beginning of what the company hopes to achieve.

In conclusion, the Jetson One is a game-changing solution that opens up the skies to everyone. With its safe and environmentally sustainable electric drivetrain, anyone can experience the thrill of flying without a pilot's license. The future is truly here, and it's time to take your commute to new heights with Jetson's personal electric aerial vehicle.

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