Designer builds an App store for Tesla. And it looks awesome

Just hire him, Elon.
Ameya Paleja
The app store on a Tesla screenTwitter/ DeleetDesign

Earlier this month, we reported that car companies were expecting to garner billions in annual revenues by charging subscription fees for services delivered through their apps and Tesla is unlikely to let this opportunity slip through its hands.

Now, a user-interface (UI) designer from Bay Area in San Francisco has developed a mockup app store for Tesla cars in his spare time and shared it on Twitter.

According to their bio, ChromeDeleet is a side project of Hans van de Bruggen, a former Product Designer at Netflix and LinkedIn. He designed the mockup app store after rumors emerged earlier this month that Tesla was working on allowing third-party apps in its cars.

Cars and Third-Party Apps

Even if the grapevine is wrong, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has himself pondered over an App store for a long time now and in the past said that the EV maker's userbase wasn't big enough to warrant third-party apps. With close to a million deliveries achieved last year, the time might now be right to get developers involved. 

Tesla's user base might be minuscule as compared to those of Google or Apple but in purchasing power terms the customer base is very different. A Tesla owner is unlikely to think twice to shell $20 on an app to use in the car or even pay a monthly subscription.

Mockup Tesla App Store

Bruggen's mockup app store looks more like one that Apple offers for its users with the exception that the car is usually on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Bruggen has shared a few other mock-ups on Twitter and if you would like to see some more of these designs in action, you can always visit his YouTube channel, where he also shares his vision of the Tesla OS, a version much loved by netizens, over the one actually released by Tesla.

As Bruggen notes in the video above, some of the apps on the store would be specifically designed to function only in parked mode or even switch to an audio mode, if the car began moving. This is quite nifty and could help Tesla avoid recalls in the future. 

To save the company's blushes and honor the designer, Tesla should simply hire him.  Do you agree?

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