Tesla Considering $5 Million Texas Plot of Land in Austin For New Gigafactory Construction

The 2,100-acre plot could be the home of the next Cybertruck production facility.
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Tesla Gigafactory, NevadaPlanet Labs, Inc./Wikimedia Commons

Tesla's in the market for a new Gigafactory. The electric carmaker has been eyeing up a large plot of land 12 miles outside of Austin, Texas, which would cost $5,298,275, as per State of Texas documents

If Tesla does indeed purchase the land, this could be the future home of where the company's Cybertrucks are put together. 


In the application process

An application via the Texas Comptroller office explains Tesla's plans for the development and design of "high-tech electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Travis County." This information points quite nicely towards Texas potentially becoming the home of Tesla's next big production plant. 

Currently, Tesla has four Gigafactories: one in Nevada, one in New York, one in Shanghai, and one in Berlin. This upcoming one would make it the fifth Gigafactory the company boasts. 

Tesla's application explains "Tesla Inc is evaluating the possible development, design, and construction of a high tech electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Travis County within the Austin Green property located at the intersection of SH-130 and Harold Green Road. Attached is an exhibit that shows the planned layout of the facility on the site and is subject to confidentiality assertions above."

You can see the plot of land Tesla is interested in in the image below, where the red outline indicates the 2,100-acre area. 

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Tesla Considering $5 Million Texas Plot of Land in Austin For New Gigafactory Construction
The red outlines indicate the plot of land Tesla is looking at, Source: State of Texas/Travis County

If Tesla were to purchase the land, construction of the factory would begin in the third quarter of 2020, as per Electrek's exclusive report.

If this plan goes ahead, this would potentially become the largest Gigafactory or production plant that Tesla owns. The company's CEO and founder, Elon Musk, even tested the waters earlier this year in January by running a poll on Twitter asking whether or not people thought Texas would make for a good location for the company's next factory. An overwhelming 80% voted yes. 

Regardless of where the next Tesla Gigafactory is located, the production plant will most likely produce Cybertrucks, as well as the Model Y crossover. 

Elon Musk ensured to explain that nothing has yet been purchased.

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