Tesla Cybertruck Is the Vehicle of Choice for Ontario Provincial Police

The OPP has turned the Cybertruck into a mega police vehicle.
Fabienne Lang
The Ontario Provincial Police's concept CybertruckOPP Highway Safety Division/Twitter

Tesla's Cybertruck was revealed at the end of 2019, and it's still garnering a good amount of attention. Now, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Canada have conceptualized the vehicle as a potential police car, and it's getting quite popular. 

The Ontario police shared their vision on a Twitter post, asking Elon Musk to help them decide whether they should opt for the Cybertruck, or for a Tesla Model X.


Cybertruck versus Model X

The OPP had already released a conceptualized police vehicle version of the Tesla Model X. Now, they're turning to Musk to help them decide whether to go for the Model X, or whether the Cybertruck would be of more use. 

It's not the first time police departments are turning to Teslas for their patrol vehicles

In California, where Tesla is based, the Fremont Police Department opted for the Tesla Model S as their patrol car. 

Luxemburg's police also converted two Model S Tesla sedans into patrol vehicles. Not too far away on the map, Switzerland has the largest fleet of Tesla police cars.

So, OPP's question over which Tesla model to use as a patrol car isn't all that out of the blue. It's not been made clear whether or not they've already been using their Tesla Model X police vehicle concept, released two years ago. 

It remains to be seen if other police departments will also start looking towards the Cybertruck as patrol cars — and we can see why they would, it's practically a tank. 

Furthermore, as a six-seater it can accommodate more space in the vehicle, has up to 500 miles in range, and accelerates under three seconds. Ideal for a cop car, we'd say. 

However, even if they choose it as their next police car, the wait will be a long one as the Cybertruck isn't coming onto the market until later this year

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