Tesla Hacker Hints at New 5G, Hotspot Software Update

Leaving breadcrumbs for Tesla fans, Tesla hacker "green" has seemingly sniffed out some interesting news.
Fabienne Lang
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Tesla's latest software updates may include 5G modem support and hotspot capabilities in its vehicles, as per what hacker "green" has uncovered. 

Posting their findings on Twitter, green talked about the company's 2020.44 software update, sparking interest in a number of Tesla fans and followers. 

Connectivity is an integral part of what Tesla has to offer, and it's not purely for entertainment reasons but also for collecting data to improve its features—namely Autopilot, per Electrek.


The latest software updates

If green's rumors are anything to go by, Tesla's in-vehicle connectivity may be going a notch upwards with its upcoming 2020.44 software update.

And not only will 5G connectivity potentially be on the table but so will the automaker's hotspot capabilities improve.

All of this has yet to be officially confirmed, so contain your excitement for just a moment.

For a while, all of Tesla's vehicles came equipped with internet connectivity as part of the deal. This feature was useful for the vehicles' driver-assist features and in the development of the company's Autopilot system. 

Then, in 2018 Tesla changed this to different tiers of connectivity becoming available, with larger data features only available for a paid subscription service, as Electrek explained.

Including 5G connectivity in Tesla vehicles would vastly improve its over-the-air updates as well as in-vehicle media streaming services. 

We'll have to keep an ear and an eye out for when the news becomes official, as it most likely will, given it's green who shed light on this matter, and that hacker is usually on point.

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