Tesla’s new Cybertruck hiring ad could signal the start of production

This could herald the beginning of production.
Stephen Vicinanza
Tesla Cybertruck.
Tesla Cybertruck.


Tesla has recently placed ads in outlets, searching specifically for Cybertruck workers and staff, at the Gigafactory in Texas.

There had been some delays in production of the futuristic pick-up truck, and there was skepticism around if the project would get off the ground. Tesla had been focused on the Model Y project at the new factory, and it was thought this had made the company push back the Cybertruck project until 2022.

After the first announcement of the Cybertruck initiative, CEO Elon Musk, said that the 2019 development start, would go to production in 2021. Then as that time approached, he confirmed that the automaker would then need to push back the date for production to 2022.

This timeline was extended to late 2022, as the target for production to begin, and that was then pushed until early 2023. In March of 2022, the company released a statement that the automaker had decided the development would be complete in the last quarter of 2022, and production would then begin in mid-2023.

Since the June confirmation of the 2023 timeline Tesla has stuck to its announcement and just recently placed ads for Cybertruck staff and management in Texas: home of the Gigafactory.

There are a total of six listings for Cybertruck production at Gigafactory Texas. A management position, for someone to lead the production, and the other five for what is being called line workers, Cybertruck BIW.

Tesla’s new Cybertruck hiring ad could signal the start of production
Cybertruck exoskeleton

Body in White (BIW) is a term used in automobile manufacturing to mean the body panels are put in place. It is somewhat misused here, because one of the features of the Cybertruck is no frame. The body is one piece with no framework underneath panels, as is usually the case in pickup trucks.

The exoskeleton design of the Cybertruck is going to be something of a challenge to mass produce. To manufacture the stainless-steel body, Tesla has commissioned the world's biggest casting machine, the Gigapress. There are expected to be some wrinkles in the production of a single piece truck body on scale. Mass production may have to wait.

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A job description for the "Manufacturing Operations Leader" had been somewhat vague and demanding at the same time.

"We’re looking for a highly motivated leader to build world-class teams and lead Cybertruck Operations at Gigafactory Texas. You will be responsible for meeting the production forecast and ensuring company goals are achieved. The ideal candidate will have a track record of significant achievements, tremendous drive, and a willingness to roll up their sleeves."

One of the ads for a Dimensional Engineer had broached the subject of a cast body, somewhat.

"The Dimensional Engineer will work with Production Teams and report to the Dimensional Engineering Manager for BIW, Cybertruck. Working closely with Sustaining Engineering to understand, help define and ensure lines are following body accuracy, fit, gap and craftsmanship specs. From these Key indicators drive actions back to body lines."

There is still an opening for the Gigafactory Texas leader, who would oversee all production and management of the entire complex.

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