Tesla Is Now Offering Immediate Model 3 Deliveries to Increase Sales Figures

Tesla has emailed Model 3 buyers offering rear-wheel drive vehicles for immediate delivery.
Jessica Miley

Tesla is trying to boost sales of its Model 3 by offering immediate delivery of customized cars to reservation holders. First day reservation holders were emailed by the electric car company informing them that the company had a stock of Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive vehicles, that were available for immediate delivery on a first come, first served basis.

Tesla has been producing batches of Model 3's that weren’t custom made for Model 3 buyers, and have since been trying to match these cars to orders. The offer suggests Tesla wants any interested party to be able to take a car.

Tesla rethinks delivery strategy in order to boost production.

Most of the people on the waitlist were likely holding out for the base $35,000 version of the car with the standard battery pack. Tesla has made several changes to the way it delivers vehicles as it aims to ramp up production for the quarter.

One of these is to deviate from their usual custom-made production and delivery strategy. Instead, model 3 buyers in the Bay area were emailed late last week inviting them to “an exclusive delivery experience” in Fremont near the factory.

Model 3 customers given exclusive opportunity

The invite seems to have been extended to those with delivery dates in the coming weeks. But the event last weekend meant these Tesla fans were able to collect their cars almost immediately.

The special delivery event and now this latest email are all signs that Tesla is totally rethinking its production and delivery model. Earlier in the year, Tesla hired Kate Pearson, former Vice President Strategy, Operations, and Digital Acceleration at Wal-Mart, to lead its new delivery operations as Director of Field Delivery Operations.

The newly formed department has reportedly established itself as an independent wing of the company separate from the sales department in North America and has, appointed 4 new General Delivery Managers for North America. In order to get customers in and out of the delivery process as fast as possible, Tesla has both hired a huge new temporary workforce and is experimenting with a tight pickup procedure known as ‘sign and drive’.

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