Tesla Issues Recall for 123,000 Model S Sedans Over Power Steering Problem

Tesla is recalling a large number of Model Sedans in a proactive measure. It is the company's largest recall to date.
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Tesla is recalling a large number of its Model S sedans over a power steering issue. Tesla described the recall as a proactive measure and said that crashes have been reported caused by the fault. 

123,000 Model S vehicles built before April 2016 are affected. In an email, to customers, Tesla said it had “observed excessive corrosion in the power steering bolts.” 

Cars still safe to drive

It went on to say the problem was more common in cold climates where salt is used on roads to melt snow. This isn’t the first Tesla recall. 

The electric car company recalled 90,000 Model S vehicles in 2015 due to a faulty seat belt. And in 2017 it recalled 53,000 Model S and Model Xs over a parking brake fault. 

“If the bolts fail, the driver is still able to steer the car, but increased force is required due to loss or reduction of power assist,” Tesla wrote in the email to customers. 

“This primarily makes the car harder to drive at low speeds and for parallel parking, but does not materially affect control at high speed, where only small steering wheel force is needed.” Tesla said it would alert owners when a retrofit of the affected parts would be available in their area. 

The upgrade is expected to take just an hour to complete. Owners of the affected cars were told by Tesla they do not need to stop driving their car if they haven’t already experienced problems. 

Model 3 production under question

As Tesla prepares to release its quarterly reports both investors and fans eagerly wait to see the numbers on deliveries of Model 3s. The much sought after car has been plagued by production problems. 

Recent news from the massive Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada suggests production is still not at its peak due to ongoing problems within the plant. On top of that rumors persist that battery cell quality may be compromised by the hiring of large amounts of unskilled workers. 

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Tesla under NTSB review

Tesla’s next report will provide information about whether the ambitious company is hitting its targets. To add to Tesla’s woes the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a fatal crash involving a Model X that occurred last Friday in Mountain View, California. 


The driver of the vehicle crashed headfirst into a safety barrier section of a divider that separates lanes on Highway 101. The impact caused the vehicle to catch fire and two other vehicles made impact from behind. 

The driver of the car, Wei Huang, was taken to Stanford Hospital, where he died from injuries sustained in the crash. In a blog post about the collision Tesla wrote, “Safety is at the core of everything we do and every decision we make, so the loss of a life in an accident involving a Tesla vehicle is difficult for all of us. Earlier this week, Tesla proactively reached out to the authorities to offer our assistance in investigating.”

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