Tesla Model 3 Becomes Best Selling Vehicle in the Netherlands, Reaching 10,000 Units

The Tesla Model 3 has had a boost in sales in the Netherlands with highest number of sales of electric vehicles in general, right after Norway.
Fabienne Lang

You'll most likely come across a Tesla Model 3 in the Netherlands, more than any other brand available on the market. Selling over 10,000 units this year — and the year's not over yet — the Model 3 has become a best seller in the northern European nation.

The Netherlands is not the only country experiencing a boost in sales of the Model 3 this year. Belgium, Austria, Spain, and Italy have also recorded a higher number of sales of Tesla units this year. 

In previous years, these countries only had a few hundred different Teslas sold per year, such as the Tesla Models S and X. Now, there's been a clear jump in numbers for the Model 3. 


All-round best selling car

The Netherlands and Norway have always been big consumers of Tesla cars, even before the Model 3 hit the roads in Europe. But when the Model 3 came to the European market earlier this year, it pushed Norway ahead of the game, as the country is the global leader in electric vehicle adoption. 

The two nations have strongly favored using green energy, forging the path for others to follow suit. This is further demonstrated by their populations' clear choice in buying the Model 3 as their car and Tesla as their brand of choice. 


In the Netherlands, this Tesla model is the best selling car in the country, electric or not.

According to ketekenradar, a Dutch registration data company, this month alone saw 2,261 new Model 3 cars registered in the Netherlands. This has pushed the sales of Model 3 cars to over 10,000 units in the country so far this year. 

This is a fantastic leap forward toward clean energy and greener roads. It's now a waiting game to see whether or not other nations will follow the Netherlands and Norway.

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