Now you can transform your Tesla Model Y with this first-of-its-kind camper kit

The design offers a camp kitchen, bed platform, and a host of storage spaces.
Jijo Malayil
Layout of the Tesla Camper Kit
Layout of the Tesla Camper Kit

Fruble Fabrications/Kickstarter 

We have seen various tent, trailer, and bed iterations to be used with Tesla's versatile Model Y. Now, owners who are outdoor enthusiasts will have the option of a camper kit that is compatible with their electric SUV. 

Part of a Kickstarter campaign, the kit offered is the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur Jimmy Cheung and will be sold via his Vancouver-based company Fruble Fabrications.

The camper kit offers a camp kitchen, bed platform, and a host of storage spaces, all easily accessible and modular to fit the space requirements inside the car. According to its creator, the kit offers a perfect all-in-one solution for solo travelers who are reluctant to tow a trailer and lack time to build their camping solutions.

The product's shipping is scheduled to begin in June 2023, just after the current crowdfunding campaign wraps up. 

A highly versatile camper kit for solo explorers

The model offered by Fruble Fabrications consists of 31 pieces of pre-drilled plywood, which form two covered boxes in the front and two opening compartments at the rear inside the Model Y's cabin. The rear set drawers are fitted with a sink, and the other can be configured to accommodate an induction or gas cooktop.

Once the installation is complete, users can access a pull-out kitchen, flatbed, and usable storage spaces (primarily inside the front boxes). The best part of the kit is that owners can still access the sub-trunk of the Tesla Model Y, a requirement that prompted Cheung to start the build. Moreover, the users can modify the structure according to their needs, with options to rack up the boxes so that middle-row seats can be freed for seating according to the needs of each separate outing. 

With four boxes in place, owners can easily lay out a flat mattress on top. Cheung's design has ensured that the storage space under the front boxes is accessible with the bed in place. Furthering the practicality quotient, the method enables the top part of the rear drawer to be opened to form a table for work or having dinner in bed. 

Through the crowdfunding model, Pledgers can avail of the kit at CAD$1,500 (US$1,101). The expected retail price will be around CAD$2,300 (US$1,688).

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