A Tesla Model Y reportedly went out of control, got involved in a deadly accident

Tesla will help local authorities investigate the accident.
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Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y


A Tesla Model Y was involved in a crash in China, killing two and injuring three, including the driver.

The incident happened on November 5, and Chinese social media users have been sharing the footage ever since. A Tesla Model Y is shown attempting to park but then driving off on a two-lane road, weaving between lanes while traveling quickly, and sideswiping vehicles and motorbikes before coming to rest around 30 seconds and 1.6 miles (2.6 km) later in front of a storefront.

Video of the event showed a white Tesla Model Y pulling into a parking area along the side of the road before abruptly reentering it.

The driver dodged the approaching automobile and sped off down the road before colliding head-on with a person riding a motor scooter.

A Tesla Model Y reportedly went out of control, got involved in a deadly accident
Tesla Model Y accident

At least two persons on motorcycles or scooters were forcefully knocked over as the Tesla raced by at unsafe speeds through congested town streets.

When the automobile eventually reached a major junction, it crashed into a small truck, sending flying debris onto at least two bicycles, then hit the side of a building in a cloud of smoke and dust.

A Tesla Model Y reportedly went out of control, got involved in a deadly accident
Tesla Model Y accident

The unidentified 55-year-old male driver, last named Zhan, claimed that as he was going to pull up in front of the family store, the driver experienced problems with the brake pedal.

According to a verified social media user, Zhanqiubi, posting as "a family member of the driver" on the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo, the driver lost control, and even though he tried to apply the brakes, a technical issue must have led to the collision.

The incident was being investigated by the neighborhood traffic police, according to the newspaper, and Zhan's family had notified Tesla. The traffic police ruled out the likelihood that Zhan was impaired by drugs or alcohol while noting that the car would undergo testing.

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While it's estimated that hundreds of people perish on China's roads every day, accidents involving Teslas draw a lot of attention from the public, with video of the collisions spreading like wildfire on social media.

According to data acquired from the car and footage that indicated the brake lights were not activated prior to the collision, there was no indication that the brake pedal had been used. Instead, there was heavy use of the accelerator before the crash, which resulted in the deaths of a high school student riding a bicycle and a motorcycle rider. According to Tesla, it will "actively provide any necessary aid" to the neighborhood police investigation, which might entail a private detective.

"Police are currently seeking a third-party appraisal agency to identify the truth behind this accident, and we will actively provide any necessary assistance," Tesla told Reuters in a message on Sunday, cautioning against believing "rumors".

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