Tesla Nevada Gigafactory to Reopen in May with New Safety Measures

The plant is joining other Tesla production plants in New York and California in reopening its doors.
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Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks, NevadaTesla

Tesla is all set to reopen its Gigafactory Nevada on May 4, as per Mike Kazmierski, President and CEO of Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada. It seems it's time for Tesla vehicles to keep being produced, and company employees to start working and earning once again. 

The company is also reopening its Buffalo, New York, and Fremont, California production plants on the same day.

The reopening of the Gigafactory comes with strict new safety guidelines to ensure employees are safeguarded during these times, as per what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires. 


New safety guidelines

Wearing masks and disposable gloves will be imperative for all workers of the Nevada Gigafactory. Moreover, social distancing requirements will still be adhered to within and on the premises of the Gigafactory, and frequent disinfection of work stations will take place. 

Tesla is also going to take every worker's temperature before they enter the facility. If anyone shows signs of a temperature above 38 degrees Celcius (100.4 Fahrenheit), they will be asked to return home. The company will use infrared thermometers that allow for accurate readings without touching the skin.

If anyone at the facility does test positive for COVID-19, they will be interviewed, and their whereabouts on the facility will be checked to see which other employees may have been in close contact with the infected person. If the infected person has been in contact with any specific person, they too will be interviewed. The infected person will then be asked to self-quarantine. 

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Tesla Nevada Gigafactory to Reopen in May with New Safety Measures
The Tesla Gigafactory Nevada that will reopen on May 4, Source: Tesla

Other workers of the Gigafactory such as janitors and custodial employees will disinfect door handles and push bars before and after each shift change. The main entrance will be cleaned every hour, and every employee will be handed hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes as they enter the building. 

In order to get to the Gigafactory, Tesla offers transportation shuttles for its employees. These shuttles will only operate at 30% capacity, with empty seats ensuring each worker is at least six feet away from others.

The on-sight cafeteria will not accept face-to-face orders, so all food will be ordered through a new online service.

The Gigafactory Nevada produces electric motors and battery packs for Tesla's Model 3 sedan, Powerwalls, and Powerpacks. The electric carmaker will be able to keep pushing forward with its production and delivery plans for the next quarter.