Tesla Recalls 9.5K Cars for Steering Issues, Detaching Roofs

The company says it has seen no reports of injuries caused by the issues to date.
Chris Young

Tesla has just issued two recalls covering approximately 9,500 vehicles, Reuters wrote on Wednesday.

The recalls are being made due to roof trim that may separate while driving and bolts that may not have been properly fastened to their vehicle parts.


Two Tesla recalls

The larger of the two recalls covers 9,136 Model X cars from the 2016 model year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

NHTSA explained that the front and spine cosmetic roof trim of these models may have been attached without first using primer, meaning one or both of the pieces may separate from the vehicle during driving.

In documents filed with the agency, Tesla said that it learned in September of an event involving a 2016 Model X that led to a company investigation into the root and frequency of the problem.

Tesla said it will inspect the recalled vehicles and conduct a retention test. If they fail the test, Tesla will fix the problem by adding primer.

The smaller recall covers 401 2020 Tesla Model Y vehicles with bolts connecting the front upper control arm and steering knuckle that may not have been tightened properly. The issue may cause the upper control arm to detach from the steering knuckle.

Tesla informs that it recently learned of three separate repairs on their vehicles where the upper control arm had indeed separated. The company said the vehicles would be inspected for torque and adjusted if necessary.

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No injuries or accidents reported

According to the Reuters report, Tesla said it was not aware of any injuries or accidents caused by the issues. Of course, when it comes to road safety it is better to be overly cautious.

This isn't the first recall Tesla has made this year: In October it was announced that the company would recall nearly 30,000 Model X and Model S cars in China due to faulty suspension systems.

Vehicle recalls are actually a fairly common occurrence: in June this year, Ford also recalled a whopping 2 million vehicles due to an issue with door latches.