Tesla to receive the most essential tool for Cybertruck, Gigapress

Italian manufacturer Idra has sent the giant press.
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Idra Gigapress.
Idra Gigapress


The manufacturer of Tesla's big casting press, https://www.idragroup.com/en/gigapressItalian company Idra, revealed that it is now shipping Tesla's Cybertruck Giga Press, which will replace the current record holder for the largest press in the world.

The new 9000t Gigapress was displayed, boxed, and prepared for delivery to Tesla's Giga-Texas facility in a post on LinkedIn by IDRA Group.

The new press is a crucial component of Tesla's manufacturing process because it will be utilized to make the body panels and many other metal body parts that are anticipated to be used in the Tesla Cybertruck.

It's one of the most important pieces of manufacturing machinery that Tesla will require to start producing the Cybertruck. Tesla is anticipated to employ the enormous machine to construct the electric pickup truck's stainless steel body.

Idra hinted at a new 9,000-ton Giga press earlier this year, claiming it would be the biggest in the entire globe. It was speculated that the new device would be for Tesla because of its partnership with Idra.

The first mention of IDRA's massive Giga press was made during the Q4 2020 Tesla earnings call, during which Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that the future Tesla Cybertruck would necessitate a press machine significantly larger than those used for other Tesla products.

IDRA was not identified as the producer of the now-famous press at the time, but it is more evident now that the two companies are connected.

This is consistent with information provided at Tesla's most recent earnings call, where it was said that the Tesla Cybertruck was, as of the call, in the "tooling phase" (getting ready for manufacturing).

The largest casting machine in the world was purchased by the corporation in many units. Idra is the company that creates these enormous, expensive machines. 2020 saw the start of operation for Tesla's first Giga Press, which was installed at the Fremont facility. The device, which at the time was the first of its kind, has a clamping force between 5,600 to 6,200 tf (55,000 and 61,000 kn).

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Cybertruck is coming

According to CEO Elon Musk, the Cybertruck might debut as early as next year. Contrary to earlier predictions made by the CEO, the evidence would seem to suggest that the company will, at the very least, be ready for production by the end of the year. However, as previously stated, whether the vehicle is released in early 2023 or in the final days of December of this year depends on technological challenges that Tesla must overcome and regulatory obstacles that must be overcome before the launch.

So far, Tesla has had great success investing in larger cast parts. A single rear body piece that replaced 70 individual parts in the Model Y was produced by the carmaker, and it is currently doing the same with the front underbody.

This lowers costs and considerably streamlines the manufacturing process.

Numerous other automakers appear to be attempting to emulate Tesla's integration of big casting technologies in the wake of its success.

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