Tesla reveals the Model S will have a new 'high-visibility glass roof'

Revelation comes after the ultra-red color announcement.
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Tesla Model S glass roof
Tesla Model S glass roof


Tesla revealed today that its new Model S cars now feature a "high-visibility glass roof" after a minor update.

The Model S and Model X have undergone a covert update. The integration of Tesla's Hardware 4.0 Autopilot and Self-Driving sensors and computer looks to be the primary driver, although the carmaker also added a few more functions.

Tesla has since informed its customers through email of all of these changes. According to Tesla, a new "high-visibility glass roof" is being added to the Model S.

Compared to the previous glass roof, Tesla claims that the new glass roof "weighs less and allows in 5 times more light" while maintaining the "same level of UV protection." The carmaker asserts that by assisting in lowering the center of gravity, it also "improves handling."

Strangely, Tesla doesn't mention the new Autopilot hardware in its recent communications on the improved Model S and Model X. Presumably; this is because the company doesn't want to hurt sales before the switch is completed, as the same improvements are also anticipated for the Model 3 and Model Y.

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Tesla prominently promoted the most recent price cut, even though the firm is keeping quiet on what is unquestionably the largest update to the Model S and Model X. You are getting "more features for less," it says. Tesla substantially reduced the cost of the Model S and Model X this week, with the former now starting at just $90,000.

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