Tesla Roadster Hits 60 Mph in 1.1 Seconds With Rocket Thrusters in Concept Video

This is what zero to 60 mph in 1.1 seconds looks like, and it's bound to give you a whiplash.
Derya Ozdemir

Elon Musk is quite literally the wild card of the automotive industry and the upcoming Tesla Roadster is one perfect example of that. It still only exists as a concept car, and it's not clear when it will officially become available; however, Musk doesn't refrain from dropping hints now and then.

Previously, it was announced that the Roadster would have a claimed top speed of  250 mph and a 620-mile range from a 250 kWh battery pack. And in June 2018, Musk tweeted the Roadster would have a "SpaceX option package" that includes about "10 small rocket thrusters."

Well, that's crazy to even think about and only the Tesla team knows how it's going to be implemented. That didn't stop people, more particularly, a CGI artist and aircraft avionics engineer based in Sydney, Australia from dreaming about how it'd look like though. 


Tesla Roadster equipped with SpaceX cold-gas thrusters

Slav Popovski's CGI rendering shows the Tesla Roadster equipped with SpaceX cold-gas thrusters, accelerating from zero to 60 mph in 1.1 seconds.

The video first spotted by InsideEVs, got viral on Twitter and Instagram after Popovski posted it, writing, "This is how fast 1.1 seconds 0 - 60mph take off should look like with Space X package thrusters on the Tesla Roadster. Computer worked out physics and then visualized in a render animation."

Watching the next-gen Tesla Roadster go from zero to 60 in 1.1 seconds is definitely a sight to see indeed. We are getting whiplash just by looking at this short clip.

Cold-gas thrusters will be part of an optional Roadster 'SpaceX Package'

As Elon Musk mentioned in early 2019, the cold-gas thrusters will be a part of an optional Roadster "SpaceX Package." He stated that the thrusters would be subtly hidden underneath the car, enabling it to hover and allowing it to combine the instant torque of its electric powertrain with pressurized gas.

If Tesla manages to pull this off and get the two systems working together, the Roadster may just become the fastest vehicle in the world, which makes the whole concept a pretty hard feat. Musk continues to say it will become a reality, and only time, and probably some regulatory challenges, will show. 

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