A design company has turned a Tesla Semi into an RV concept

Imagine having an autonomous RV.
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Tesla Semi RV concept
Tesla Semi RV concept


We all love and dream of having an RV, but having an electric-powered autonomous RV could be the ultimate dream.

There are many RV designs on trucks, but having an autonomous truck that drives you anywhere you wish while doing the chores could be the future of both transport and housing.

Based on the specifications Tesla revealed this week and how amazing these renderings of the electric truck as a motorhome appear, the Tesla Semi may become a fantastic electric-powered luxury RV.

Many individuals find the concept of an entirely solar- and electric-powered camper very appealing.

You may run your life off the same battery pack that powers your vehicle during the day and travel without emitting any pollution. You can charge up at night to repeat the process the following day.

You can also go completely off-grid during the experience with solar power.

An interesting basis for an electric motorhome could be the Tesla Semi. While watching this week's announcement of the production model of the Tesla Semi, the team at Jowua, a manufacturer of interior accessories, had this idea and decided to create renders of what a Tesla Semi motorhome may be like. 

A design company has turned a Tesla Semi into an RV concept
Tesla Semi RV interior

The specifications were likewise top-notch and in line with the style, which had a very aggressive appearance. The fact that most electric motorhome projects currently being worked on have a limited range, and this is their main issue.

Recent deliveries of the first Tesla Semi vehicles to PepsiCo included reports of a demonstration tour. This test demonstrates that the Semi can tow a trailer weighing up to 81,000 pounds (about 36,740 kg) of freight for more than 500 miles (805 km) on a single charge. Imagine the distance it could cover in a significantly lighter RV

A fifth-wheel luxury trailer hooked up to a semi-truck can be seen roaming the country in search of off-grid activities; there is no doubt about it.

A Tesla Semi RV could probably go more than 600 miles in a single day without recharging, then recharge the following day. It is feasible to travel great distances in a few days without any emissions. There should be a method to use the powertrain's battery pack to power the motorhome's living amenities, though it would likely involve some collaboration from Tesla. In case you are parked for an extended amount of time and then utilize it for business, we can add some deployable solar panels.

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