Tesla Shares Video of Model 3 Performance Drifting on Alaskan Snow

Tesla released a short clip showing its Model 3 Performance car handling a snowy road in Alaska.
Jessica Miley

Tesla has released a teaser video of a Model 3 being put to the test in snowy condition in Alaska. The silent 10-second clip shows a very graceful car handling the super snowy road with ease. 

It is assumed Tesla was trying out its ‘track mode’ part of its in-house vehicle dynamic control (VDC) system. Tesla has said its Track Mode will give drivers more features to have more control over their cars handing in tricky conditions. 

Track Mode will add features to help drivers

Tesla Manager of Chassis Controls, Michael Neumeyer, told Road and Track recently: “Our Track Mode doesn’t disable features, it adds them.” The company went on to explain that when in track mode the car will use the traction between the two motors and slip distribution instead of brakes which gives more control to the driver. 

Under track mode, Tesla has also changed the powertrain cooling algorithm to be optimized for the high power usage of a track day. Track mode allows the car to perform actions like drifting which can be seen in this video released on Twitter.

Other vehicles which have features similar to ‘track mode’ generally disable features to make driving more controlled. In typical Tesla style, they have rethought the concept of ‘modes’ and made driving just that little bit more fun. 

It’s not clear how long ago the footage was shot, but as more Model 3 Performance vehicles get delivered we can expect to see passionate Tesla drivers testing out their own cars in a range of insane conditions. 

A cult has developed amongst Tesla drivers about who can put their car into the most extreme situations possible. This has led to videos that show Tesla cars towing unreasonably heavy things, driving to maximize range as well as showing off other features like the interior heating system.

Model 3 Performance spurs new videos of Tesla tests

The warm reception to the Model 3 performance is welcome news for Tesla and Elon Musk who have had a rollercoaster year so far. Musk has been slammed by critics about his Twitter use that included calling a British diver who helped in the Thai cave rescue a ‘pedo’.

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Musk has also been harshly criticized for his dealings with an ex-employee who accused the CEO of nurturing wasteful and dangerous production conditions inside Tesla factories. Musk’s latest gaffe was a recent tweet suggesting he was considering taking the company private and that he had funding already secured to do so. 

Several investors in the electric car company are reportedly suing Musk for the tweet saying that the public announcement was fraudulent and part of an elaborate scheme to undermine short sellers. Musk’s tweets on 7 August were definitely a factor in pushing Tesla’s stock price up by more than 13% above the prior day’s close. 

In addition to the lawsuits from investors, Musk is expected to face a US securities market regulators investigation in relation to the claims.