Tesla States That Unintended Acceleration Claims Are "Completely False"

An NHTSA petition was made with claims against Tesla.
Fabienne Lang
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Tesla is fighting back against a claim on its EVs that can experience unintended acceleration. Sharing its opinion and thoughts in a blog post on Monday, the electric carmaker said that a petition made to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) in regard to this matter was "completely false."

Tesla added that the claims were made by a "short-seller" who was looking to make an extra dollar or two.


Only intended acceleration

Tesla also stated that all cases where one of its cars accelerated were intentional. Furthermore, the company said that its inbuilt systems were designed to avoid this type of issue from arising.

All Tesla models have two pedal position sensors, and "any error" defaults straight to shutting off the motor torque. Autopilot sensors are also used to catch any potential pedal misuse and cut off torque in case of an accident.

So when a petition to the NHTSA came through citing 127 cases of unintentional acceleration that may have led to 110 crashes and 52 injuries, Tesla questioned the validity of the petition.

First reported by CNBC, the petition was filed by Brian Sparks, an independent investor shorting Tesla's stocks. 

In its blog post, Tesla stated that they are "always transparent" with the NHTSA, and have been open about sharing any complaints due to unintentional acceleration. They shared the majority of the complaints from the petition and found no detectable faults. 

Tesla has always been very confident in the safety of its vehicles, and from the looks of it won't back down and just accept any claim made against them. 


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