Tesla Unveils Its Electric SUV Crossover Vehicle, the Tesla Model Y

After teasing the announcement for weeks, Tesla finally unveiled its electric SUV crossover, the Tesla Model Y.
John Loeffler

Tonight, Tesla revealed their brand new Tesla Model Y electric SUV crossover in a special event livestreamed on the company’s website.

Tesla Model Y Unveil

Today, Tesla unveiled the latest addition to their lineup of electric vehicles with the Tesla Model Y, an electric SUV Crossover built on a modified Model 3 frame.


The Model Y will come in four versions altogether. The first three, the Long Range (LR), the Dual Motor AWD (AWD), and the Performance (PERF) models, will be available in the Fall of 2020, with the Standard Range (SR) model becoming available in the Spring of 2021.

The LR can go from 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds, has a top speed of 130 mph, an effective range of 300 miles, and will start at $47,000. The AWD can go from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds, has a top speed of 135 mph, has an effective range of 280 miles, and will start higher, at $51,000. The PERF can go from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, has a top speed of 150 mph, an effective range of 280 miles, and will start at $60,000, the most expensive version of the Model Y.

The SR can go from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds, tops out at 120 mph, has an effective range of 230 miles, and will start at $39,000.

Some of the features highlighted during the event include the Panoramic Glass Roof and an option for seating 7 people in the vehicle, which prompted some cheers from the crowd.

Growth Of Tesla

Much of the event centered around Elon Musk’s reflecting on the progress that Tesla has made both in its own goals as a car company, but also in moving the industry toward moving to more electric cars.

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Joking at one point that “the Internet is forever,” Musk showed quotes on a the screen behind him of commentators at Forbes and the Daily Mail UK disparaging the idea of an electric vehicle, as recently as 2011, as a wasted effort. He followed these up with headlines from news outlets from 2018 declaring that major automakers around the world were going “all in” on electric vehicles as the future of transportation.

He revealed that last night, Tesla had prevented its 4 millionth metric ton of carbon emissions thanks to their electric vehicles and Musk said that it was his belief that Tesla will have produced 1 million cars by March of next year.

Musk has been under fire in recent months for his behavior, his picking fights with the SEC, and the production challenges that have faced Tesla, but taking a step back, it is hard even for the more cynical among us not to be genuinely impressed with what Musk and Tesla have achieved.

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