Tesla Will Let Drivers Customize Horn and Driving Sounds

Bizarrely, drivers will soon be able to have their cars make "coconut" movement sounds.
Chris Young

Tesla recently unveiled a big software update that lets drivers summon their car from parking, watch Netflix, and play Cuphead, amongst other features.

It seems that the electric vehicle company isn't about to stop rolling out the updates, though. As Elon Musk has revealed on Twitter, Tesla owners will soon be able to customize horn and movement sounds — including adding coconut, goat, and gushing wind noises.


Goat movement sounds

Elon Musk revealed on Twitter yesterday that a surprising customized horn and movement sound update was coming to Tesla cars.

Other tweeters immediately started posting Monty Python and the Holy Grail memes, referring to the famous horse hoof impression characters in the film make.

That's not all, though. Musk also said the car updates would include goat and gushing wind sounds.

One tweeter asked the Tesla founder if personalized sounds could be added, to which Musk replied, "will consider."

Things could get very silly. It remains to be seen whether Tesla does eventually allow drivers to add their own customized sounds.

However, in the EU, at least, the company might be faced with a regulation barrier. Since July, new electric vehicles in the EU have been required to emit a synth-like sound for safety reasons.

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Big software update

Tesla's software update that was rolled out last week allows drivers to have their car self-drive its way to its owners straight from parking. 

"Tesla Theatre," meanwhile, enabled the use of Spotify Premium, Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu (including its live TV option) in Tesla cars. 

Other features include "car-aoke" and "Tesla Arcade," which has a selection of videogames.

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