Tesla's 2020 Holiday Update Lets You Honk in Farts

Other sounds available include a goat, applause and a snake.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Tesla's 2020 Holiday Update, Firmware 2020.48.25 was released just in time for Christmas and it's a doozy! The new firmware offers more games, some user experience changes, and nifty upgraded visualizations.



One feature, in particular, is bound to both delight and annoy Tesla drivers and those around them. The update's new "Boombox" mode allows Tesla drivers to now change their carn horn to the sound of a fart, a goat, applause, a snake, and more.

If the offered sound effects are not to your liking, you can add up to five custom sounds of your own. The special sound effects play after the traditional car horn. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was so excited about this new feature that he tweeted about it Friday afternoon.

Boombox also allows Tesla drivers to make in-motion driving sounds. All this sounds like a lot of fun, but we could see it getting annoying pretty fast. After all, no one wants to hear fart noises over and over again especially when trying to park or pull off any other car maneuver.

In addition, it should be noted that to fully enjoy Boombox, your Tesla needs to be one of the latest models equipped with an external speaker. This is a bit unfair to older models, then again, there is no other way to transmit sound without a speaker.

Local laws

Finally, activating Boombox in your Tesla comes with a warning: "please check local laws before use in public spaces." This could indicate that the funny and entertaining new Tesla noises may not be legal in some states, although we doubt lawmakers could have foreseen such an update early enough to create a law against it.

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In other exciting news, the update includes three new games one of which (solitaire) could be played while driving. Hopefully, this last game is meant to only be used by passengers and not drivers. Drive safe!

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