Tesla's Competitor BYTON's "Future Proof" Car M-Byte Is Ready to Go Later In 2020

BYTON will start mass production late in 2020, and it seems like they're bringing a new, fresh, and holistic approach to EV design, "Smart Device on Wheels" as the company's executives put it.
Ali Halit Diker
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Electric Vehicle industry is growing very fast. Only in the U.S., the market share of EVs on the roads jumped from 1.6% in March 2018, to 1.8% in March 2019, according to Edison Electric Institue's data. Tesla Model 3 became the best selling car in the Netherlands.


BYTON, which debuted its EV concept in CES 2018, is ready for mass production, and will likely add more to EVs' market share. Their holistic approach to design and tech development might make them one of the most important actors in the EV industry. BYTON plans to develop energy storage systems based on M-Byte battery technology. They had 60,000 reservations around the globe, with 21,000 of them from the European market.

BYTON executives are optimistic about 2020

Tesla's Competitor BYTON's "Future Proof" Car M-Byte Is Ready to Go Later In 2020
Source: BYTON

Dr. Daniel Kirchert, CEO, and all other BYTON executives who took the stage during the company's news conference in CES 2020 told that M-Byte is more than a car; it's a new living space for people. M-Byte is a "smart platform for life," they said. They added that BYTON is market-ready, and a robust alternative candidate for Tesla, even though they stated to Interesting Engineering that all executives in BYTON are fans of Tesla. Tesla's success inspires them all in both the EV market and the automotive industry. M-Byte will have a starting price of $45,000 and will start mass production later in 2020, they added.

Customer experience and demand is important

The company sets a great example of following the trends of the automotive industry. Dr. Andreas Schaaf, Chief Customer Officer, tells that customers don't want to feel like they're wasting time in traffic, and 65% of them desire better connectivity. He explains that cars should transform, like phones, which have been more than just tools of communication, to smart platforms, which can add more to people's productivity and entertainment.

Stunning infotainment display

Tesla's Competitor BYTON's "Future Proof" Car M-Byte Is Ready to Go Later In 2020
Source: BYTON

Partners of BYTON, Kiyo Oishi of Access, and Ted Schilowitz of ViacomCBS both pointed out the importance of infotainment systems in cars. Adapting to new technologies like 5G and improving customer experience with customizable features. M-Bytes 48-inch display, 7-inch driver tablet, and 8-inch co-driver tablet offer more-than-enough options for customers. Jeff Chung, VP of Digital Engineering, tells that M-Byte has 5-dimensional experience with office and cinema modes of car's massive display screen.

Developing an authentic "Platform for Life"

Tesla's Competitor BYTON's "Future Proof" Car M-Byte Is Ready to Go Later In 2020
Source: BYTON

BYTON executives announced they secured major partnerships and started the BYTON Developer Program, which aims to create and integrate content and services that will begin to unlock the full potential of the company’s pathbreaking user interface. Dr. Andreas Schaaf says, “with the new partnerships announced and the limitless potential offered by the BYTON Developer Program; we envision a revolutionary interaction that will be a game-changer for the BYTON M-Byte and its users.”

It seems like BYTON might have a chance for a great impact on the industry. Also, the EV enthusiasts might feel happy to see the company brings innovations and alternatives to the EV market. CEO of the company, Daniel Kirchert, says they're ready for the future with their "future proof" car, thanks to their holistic development and design approach.


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