Tesla's Cybertruck Takes Another Hit as Lego Trolls It with Its Own 'Shatterproof' Version

Yet another blow to Tesla's Cybertruck, when will it end?
Fabienne Lang
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It would be hard to miss news about Tesla's new Cybertruck as it's been making the headlines ever since it was unveiled last week

It's not all been good news for the Cybertruck, though. Many people have been voicing their strong opinions about how uncharacteristically unattractive it is for a Tesla car model, while others like Neil deGrasse Tyson have questioned its true power.

Now, renowned toy company Lego has joined the ranks of those mocking the truck by building their very own shatterproof 'truck'.


What happened to the Cybertruck?

When Elon Musk and his team attempted to show off how indestructible the Cybertruck is meant to be, what should have been a moment of glory backfired.

Musk and designer Franz von Holzhausen were up on stage with the Cybertruck and attempted to prove how 'unshatterable' its glass was by first using a sledgehammer against it, and ultimately by throwing steel balls at it.

Unfortunately, the steel balls went through the 'armor glass', shattering it. A rather unforgivable, and not to mention embarrassing, display after claiming it couldn't shatter.

Unsurprisingly, comments and jokes have gone viral over social media sites. Now, Lego has joined in the fun.

What did Lego post?

Lego are well known for being used to build intricate, and sometimes massive, objects. From paper shredders, to submarine engines, to giant T-Rexs, when you put Lego pieces together you can create almost anything. 

This time, however, Lego Australia created an 'unshatterable' truck to troll Tesla and shared it on their Facebook page. You may suspect this truck would be an intricate feat of engineering and design, but you'd be completely wrong. 

The beauty of their creation is its simplicity — mocking Tesla even more.

The Lego unshatterable truck is literally a few small Lego blocks stacked atop two little rolling pins. That's it. 

It's quite brilliant and has gained quite a bit of attention, with the public adding their own versions of 'unshatterable trucks' to the list. 

Here are a few other creations, and comments: 

Homer Simpson's car came into play too: 

A few of the comments below Lego's post: 

Tesla's Cybertruck Takes Another Hit as Lego Trolls It with Its Own 'Shatterproof' Version
Some of the entertaining comments following Lego's post, Source: Lego Australia/Facebook

More jokes on Twitter about 'unshatterable' cars: 

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