Tesla's Electric ATV Is Surprisingly Quiet In Newly-Released Footage

In a new video on Instagram, the Tesla Cyberquad barely makes a sound as it is driven.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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On Thursday night, November 21, 2019, Tesla unveiled their much-anticipated Cybertruck, and then the company's founder and CEO Elon Musk uttered three words "One more thing." But what did he mean by that?


One more thing

When Elon said one more thing, he was referring to Tesla's all-electric all-terrain vehicle or ATV, called Tesla CyberquadTesla Cyberquad was a perfect match for the Cybertruck's look and, to make things even more convenient, it even charged out of the back of the pickup.

At first, it was unclear whether the ATV would be made available to customers or whether it was just for show. Then, Musk announced on Twitter that the ATV will come out the same time as the Cybertruck.

However, so far, Tesla has not released much footage or details about the ATV. That's why we were pleasantly surprised when this video of a Tesla engineer driving the ATV after the unveiling of the Cybertruck surfaced on the Internet.

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CyberATV #cyberatv #cybertruck #atv #cyber #tesla #teslaatv

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However, the most surprising about this footage is how quiet the vehicle is. Most ATVs are really loud from the moment they are turned on, but Tesla Cyberquad barely makes a peep.

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Tesla's Bladerunner CyberQuad ATV Follow @teslaforlife for more

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We are sure more details will be revealed closer to the Tesla Cyberquad's release date. For now, we will just enjoy whatever we can get our hands on. 

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So, before we go, we leave you with these Instagram images of the Cyberquad taken by Teslaforlife. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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Elon Musk confirms Tesla's 'Cyberquad' ATV as a Cybertruck accessory Follow @teslaforlife for more Photo by @fromwhereicharge

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