Tesla's Fremont Factory Workers May Be Called Back to Work This Week

Some workers of Tesla's Fremont factory in California may start their shifts on April 29th, a few days before San Francisco Bay Area's tentative stay-at-home orders are lifted on May 3rd.
Fabienne Lang

Tesla was rather reluctant to close its Fremont factory in California as the coronavirus outbreak sprung up across the States. However, it is now looking quite likely that some of the employees of the factory may resume work as early as April 29th, before the San Francisco Bay Area stay-home orders are lifted. 

First reported by Bloomberg who reported reading internal Tesla messages, some supervisors asked the staff if they would be returning to work on April 29th. 


Tesla workers back to the plant

In the emails that Bloomberg reported on, Tesla supervisors informed staff of the plant's paint and stamping operations that work would resume on April 29th, asking them to confirm whether or not they would be returning on that date. 

So far, Tesla has yet to comment. 

Originally, Tesla had stated that work would resume normal production at its U.S. facilities on May 4th, the day after San Francisco Bay Area is due to ease its stay-at-home restrictions. 

Last month, Tesla questioned Fremont officials on whether or not the factory could be considered essential work as the company was keen to keep operating during the outbreak. However, having to comply with the Alameda County order, the plant had to shut down in mid-March. 

The company's Fremont plant builds all of its models, and it last produced vehicles on March 23. Analysts state the company's shutdown will have generated $300 million of cash burn per week. So it's clear to see why it's so keen to start back up again. 

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