Tesla's New Update Comes with Three New In-Car Games

Elon Musk says entertainment will be "critical" when cars are autonomous.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Three days ago, Elon Musk took to Twitter to share a new feature of Tesla's 2020 Holiday Update, Firmware 2020.48.25. Called the "Boombox" mode, the update allows Tesla drivers to change their carn horn to the sound of a fart, a goat, applause, a snake, and more.


Three new games

Now, Musk has taken to Twitter to share more features of his new firmware: in-car gaming. The update comes with three new games: the Battle of Polytopia, Cat Quest, and Solitaire.

In his Tweets, Musk only mentions the Battle of Polytopia adding that a multiplayer online version will be online soon. Musk also states that "entertainment will be critical when cars drive themselves."

So what are these new games that will provide entertainment for Tesla's future autonomous drivers?

Entertainment for autonomous drivers

The Battle of Polytopia is a 4X world-building game. Players strategize to command one of fifteen tribes to defeat opponents and build an empire. You can play alone, with friends in the "Pass & Play" mode, or against online opponents in the multiplayer mode.

This game is a favorite of Musk's who mentioned many times in 2019 how much he likes it. The developers of the game even created a video where they added a character called Elon Musk.

Cat Quest is an action video game set in an open world kingdom called Felingard. Players direct a cat who is on a journey to rescue his kidnapped sister.