Tesla’s new vehicle platform will be cheaper and less labor intensive, says Musk

That’s what Musk announced during Tesla’s Q3 2022 earnings call.
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Different models of Tesla
Different models of Tesla


The third vehicle platform for Tesla, following the big one supporting the Model S and X and the small one supporting the Model 3 and Y, has received new information from company CEO Elon Musk.

The cost and labor involved in manufacturing Tesla's new vehicle platform will be significantly reduced. The company added that it will produce more than all of its other existing vehicles put together.

Customers, investors, and Tesla supporters have been anticipating the company's introduction of a new vehicle that will be less expensive than the current models for some time. This will undoubtedly be a new platform that is distinct from the one now used to create the Model 3 and Model Y. Tesla offered some opinions on the subject, which provided a broad overview of the company’s efforts in this direction.

"The next-generation vehicle will cost about half of the 3/Y platform and will be smaller. I think it will certainly exceed the production of all the other vehicles combined," said Musk.

The next big item could be something that the Tesla new car development team is working on. The following Tesla, however, won't just be another gorgeous, emission-free, quick vehicle loaded with entertaining amenities. It would be far too simple. No, the group will innovate the creation of yet another ground-breaking automobile. Musk believes it will outsell all other models in sales as well.

Regarding the company's upcoming platform, Elon Musk stated, "We're on a 2-for-1 target." That indicates that scientists are devising a method to construct two vehicles with the same amount of labor required to construct a single Model 3. During the third quarter earnings call, Musk informed investors, "We're twice the output. And we are confident that it is possible.”

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The 2-for-1 plan appears to be all-inclusive, reducing prices, production times, and even the amount of factory floor space required. “I mean, obviously, we’re going to take everything we learned from S, 3, X, Y, Cybertruck, and Semi and forward into that platform,” he said.

However, both the design and delivery of the new car are still a secret. We don't want to discuss specific dates, but obviously, this is the new vehicle development team's main area of attention, added Musk. We have completed the engineering for Cybertrucks and Semi at this time. Therefore, it is evident what we are working on—the next-generation automobile. Musk did acknowledge that it would cost the same as the Model 3 and Y platforms while keeping that information to himself.

The identity of the upcoming Tesla vehicle has been the subject of much rumor. According to Musk, the company might perhaps produce both full-size and minivans. He has also mentioned building a "very adaptable" van. However, Tesla might revive the concept of a more affordable car, known as the Model 2, given the surge in demand for electric vehicles. According to rumors, the price of this car would be $25K USD.