Tesla's New Model S/X Rumored to Have 400+ Mile Range and 3 Motors

Youtube channel 'Like Tesla' has recently revealed some insider details on new updates.
Chris Young

Alleged details of Tesla's Model S and Model X refreshes have been shared by a Tesla insider to Like Tesla, a Youtube channel dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of the electric cars.

In a short video, Kim, the channel host, went over key details that the insider shared about possible upgrades to the future iterations of Model S and Model X.

Amongst the details mentioned were upgraded to the electric car's motors, charging systems and batteries.


Reports of a reveal later this year

Various reports have already stated that Tesla will be announcing a Model S and Model X refresh later in the year. The information has, of course, been scarce with Tesla waiting to announce the big reveal.

However, if Like Tesla's insider is to be believed, the new upgrades could sport a tri-motor design, which would see one small motor in the front and two larger ones at the back of the electric cars.

The upgrades would also see Tesla increase their market leadership on the range. According to the insider, the Model S upgrade would go for an EPA rating of over 400 miles (644 km) per charge, while the Model X would be near that.

Increased performance

Larger but lighter battery packs, Like Tesla reveals, would allow the upgrades to have a more extended range as well as improved performance. A new cooling system, meanwhile, is currently being tested under extreme heat conditions in areas such as Death Valley and the Mojave Desert, according to the Youtube channel. 

The insider also revealed that the upcoming model adaptions would be compatible with the Supercharger V3 Network, allowing them to be charged at 250 kW.

Musk remains tight-lipped

Elon Musk has already suggested that an upgrade for the Model S and Model X is not on the cards any time soon. However, updates have been revealed this year suggesting something might, in fact, be on its way.

Both models received revamped adaptive suspension setups, while the flagship sedan was updated with a 370 miles per charge range. 

Though Like Tesla offers tantalizing sound bites, more official details might be on their way soon, as Tesla's pickup truck unveiling will take place later this year. Fans of the electric cars will no doubt be eagerly awaiting any extra information that might be released there on the Model S and Model X.


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