The Chopi Chopi megayacht is a luxury floating mansion on the ocean

Interesting Engineering

The Chopi Chopi from CRN shipyard is a luxury megayacht that was recently shown off at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show and it has stunning proportions that are more in common with those of a mansion than a typical superyacht.


[Image Source: CRN]

The megayacht is 80 meters in length and it is among the biggest megayachts of its type designed by Laura Sessa, Paola Zuccon and Giovanni. The yacht cost US$110 million to build and more than 660,000 hours before it was completed, the displacement hull is made from steel and aluminium.


[Image Source: CRN]

Chopi Chopi was designed to be used as a family house on the ocean and the megayacht comes with everything the family would need and more. It offers five luxury cabins with an owner’s suite, which has its own private VIP terrace.


[Image Source: CRN]

There are six open decks and a beach club of 100 square meters which is situated on the lower deck. There are multiple dining and lounging areas and even two lifts taking people to different levels. The stunning megayacht offers room for 12 guests and there is room for 30 crew members and 9 staff members.


[Image Source: CRN]

The Chopi Chopi has a unique pilot house with its circular design and it offers a spa, sauna, massage room and Turkish hamam bath and as you might expect it comes with its own helipad at the stern.


[Image Source: CRN]

The head of Zuccon International Project, Gianni Zuccon said "We met the client, who we knew was looking for a big yacht, and presented him the project of a yacht of around 250 feet (72 m) with all the features we thought might meet his wishes both in size and style. The primary criterion of the brief was that he wanted it to be a private yacht on which to spend long holidays with his large family. We found out soon that they needed more space – that meant more volume. So, working on the original concept, we incorporated higher volume and added a few meters to the total length to preserve a well-proportioned balance between hull and superstructure."