Discover the outdoors in the Grounded G1 electric camper van

It has no emissions, and reservations are open for delivery within the next month.
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Grounded's G1 all-electric camper
Grounded's G1 all-electric camper


The Grounded G1 Ford E-Transit camper van was unveiled by Grounded RVs, a Detroit-based company, and is scheduled to be delivered in a few weeks.

The Grounded G1 is an outstanding smart RV with a modular interior design that allows customers to personalize their perfect floor plan before leaving on a more environmentally friendly road trip. This is a silent, zero-emissions camping coach with plenty of solar power.

The Ford E-Transit is the foundation for the G1, as it is for recent electric camper van designs on both sides of the Atlantic. The platform's maximum range per charge is 126 miles (203 km), one reason we haven't seen a production E-Transit camper van for the U.S. market. That number reduces to 108 miles (174 km) when you base your camper on the high-roof variant for extra headroom and space, as Grounded does, which is a pitiful statistic when leaving compact metropolitan centers for anything like the open road.

Buyers seeking a more extended range will want to wait for Grounded's 250-mile (402-km) G2 camper, which the company hopes to sell in the U.S. Grounded is already making plans to address the issue.

Grounded bases its production philosophy on modularity and provides a complete ecosystem of modules and components from which each customer can choose and construct a floor plan. According to the company, the method offers bespoke floor layouts without the long lead times that fully customized trucks frequently involve.

With an induction cooktop and an electric fridge/freezer, the G1 runs its camp entirely on electricity. When off the grid, a 650-W solar system is available to keep all the electric appliances operating. When this is going on, all gear is controlled and monitored by Grounded's proprietary software. Users can use the Grounded+ smartphone app to view that data while not in the van.

There are solid intentions to release the G1 in a few units. The vehicle's starting price is $125,000 and will be made available by Grounded through an annual lease agreement and a $2,300 monthly subscription scheme. We would wait to purchase the 250-mile G2 to see what Grounded has in store. We are confident that many people will want to start living the all-electric, all-American van life as soon as possible. According to Grounded, the first G1s will be delivered in April, just a few weeks away.

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