The HP Sport Sub 2 from U-Boat Worx is the underwater “Ferrari”

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U-Boat Worx, a Dutch company, has revealed the HP Sport Sub 2 saying that if Ferrari made a submarine, this is how they would make it. The underwater "Ferrari", designed in red, can take two people down to a depth of 10m and stay there for as long as 6 hours.


[Image Source: U-Boat Worx]

The HP Sport Sub 2 is perfect for the tender garage of superyachts over 30m and it can be towed behind the Bentley. It is the most compact model to come from U-Boat Worx, having an acrylic-steel pressure hull measuring 285cm in length and 235cm in width, while being 136cm tall. This makes it more streamlined than its competitors.


[Image Source: U-Boat Worx]

The access hatch is high above the level of the water and this means it can overcome the issues that are typically faced with the conventional submersibles when they are embarking and disembarking. As the freeboard is elevated, it does away with the need to use cranes to get in and out of the submarine. It weighs in at 2,200kg, so it is light enough for existing cranes to launch it or recover it from the sea.


[Image Source: U-Boat Worx]

Horizontal propulsion is by way of two 2.7kW thrusters along with four 2.7kW thrusters being used for vectored vertical propulsion. The HP Sport Sub 2 is classed as a personal sports submarine with a top speed of 3 knots when on the water’s surface and around 2 knots when under water. The horizontal thrusters can be upgraded to two 5.5kW and this upgrade will give a speed increase up to 5 knots when on the top and 3 knots when below the waterline.


[Image Source: U-Boat Worx]

The total power is 21.6kW and the thrusters are powered by way of lithium-ion batteries which take 4 hours to fully charge. For providing power to ensure that critical systems can run there is an emergency battery. This will last for up to 96 hours. Controlling the submersible is easy thanks to a dual-joystick Manta fly-by-wire, similar to a game-pad. The passenger can take control should they want to.

worxhpsportsub-6[Image Source: U-Boat Worx]

The founder and chairman of U-Boat Worx, Bert Houtman, said, "The design is attractive, but above all, safe and functional.” He went on to say, “We’ve adopted a very different look compared to traditional submersibles, but without compromising safety and ease of use - the ability to easily board the craft at the surface, for example."

If you want to own your own personal sport submarine you will have to dig deep into your pockets as it costs $US1.35 million. For this you get the submarine, battery charger, a training course to show you how to drive it and DNV-GL certification. Select super yacht owners will get deliveries during Q3 of 2015.

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